How unpredictable is this Scottish weather…very!!! I was down in Nottingham in May for 2 weeks and during the first week it was cool with rain showers and I was hoping for better weather for the weekend between as I had booked Fizzy for 3 hours. Being away from home I didn’t have much chance to come up with a new location so I plumped for doing a different area of Little Ballo, where I had taken Chrissie earlier. I picked Fizzy up at the station, complete with an unfeasibly huge suitcase and we zoomed off to the country…we were also hoping to catch up with Chrissie as she doesn’t live too far away. We arrived at Little Ballo….in very different circumstances than my last shoot, it was piggin freezing….there was a slight cold damp wind and the temperature was quite chilly. Poor Fizzy is really was too cold for comfort…we did some test posing around the trees and other bits of the forest, then quickly off with her clothes…pose….quickly on with clothes again, move to another area and repeat the same thing. After a while I couldn’t let her go on getting cold, I had a coat, scarf and hat on and I was on the cold side. I called it quits after nearly a couple of hours, she was a bit worried that I wasn’t getting my moneys worth but I said no…it was my choice to come here and not hers therefore she gets paid in full so we chatted, compared wellies and joked as we walked back to the car and headed for Chrissie’s flat, unfortunately she was out buying carpets…but Fizzy got to catch up with her later in the year.

Brrrrrr…….the images below we taken off the beaten path, in what we thought was a secluded area, erm….no, we passed it from the other direction on the way back to the car, where Fizzy posed was in clear view from the path, luckily no-one came along. One bonus was that there was no midgies!


Hopefully I’ll work with Fizzy again…..this time I promise to take her somewhere warm!

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