The Return of Lulu

So at the height of the Scottish summer….yes there is one sometimes….rare but it does happen, Lulu Lockhart returned to the area. The last shoot we did was a one hour slot at a studio day so the is time I had a full 4 hours to experiment with lights and throw her into the sea afterwards.

Some studio shots first..

DSC_5654-Edit DSC_5696-Edit-2 Lulu DSC_5753-Edit


Improv with some material….still playing with lights too

DSC_5791-Edit-2 Drapes DSC_5839-Edit


Yay!!!……beach time!…such a lovely beach with no passers-by. Honest it wasn’t that cold, the ice didn’t form up for at least 10 minutes!

DSC_5882-Edit DSC_5902-Edit Surf's Up


Go on Lulu, get right in there and get that hair wet…..see its not that cold after all, besides I can photoshop the blue bits out.





And finally a landscape to show off the sand….





I suggested we come back in January when it’s proper cold 😉

And after all that I fleeced Lulu out of a pound coin cuz I am evil like that! I was short of pound coins for the car park meter thing, though I’ll make it up to her the next time. It was a grand day out and Lulu is an excellent model, highly recommended to anyone. She is good company and we talked about all sorts and had a good laugh as we trudged thru the sand to get to the deserted bits of the beach.


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