Chrissie Red at Kenmore

At some point, and I can’t remember when, Tim Pile said he was coming up to Scotland and would I like to have a joint shoot. What an excellent idea, one snag….where? And so it was that Chrissie and I went out on another location hunt. Previously we had gone through Glen Quiach and passed a forest walk just above Kenmore….it said the magic word ‘Waterfall’.

So in August we decided to pay it another visit and embark on said walk and see if we could find the waterfall as a possible location for taking Tim. It was kind of a dull day but not cold, just right for a little hill climb for the asthmatic and the smoker alike. The walk actually takes you right past the waterfall, had we not heard it we would never have found it. We had walked past it and had to climb down to get back to it, following our ears to the sound of falling water. We reasoned that it wasn’t enough of a location to take Tim so we ended up taking images there instead.

At the top of the waterfall was this tree seemingly growing out of the rock, like something from a fairy tale.

DSC_8310-EditDSC_8317-EditThis image below is taken right at the top of the waterfall, at the very edge! It’s actually one of my favourite images of Chrissie.

The Waterfall's Edge


Obviously right at the very bottom….fortunately not very deep.Somewhere at the Waters Edge


DSC_8352-EditAn interesting place…and actually a great walk too, very lush and very green. Even though it was a tad steep in place and made us puff and wheeze. Chrissie did well to brave the heights of the waterfall as it was fairly treacherous….a star as always.



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