The first I time met Gemma was an interesting and unusual day, I was scheduled to attend a work meeting at Hamilton so I contacted Barrie Spence at Pavilion studios to arrange a casual social drop in for a chat after my meeting. Little did I know that it would be my last day at work and that the meeting was a ‘parting of the ways’ at work, it has to be said it was an amicable parting and final arrangement, albeit unexpected. Anyways I turned up at Pavilion Studios to see Barrie and met Gemma there…working on a shoot for another photographer. So I asked Gemma to give me a shout when she was next up in Scotland, which she did in August. I managed to get a camera club studio day organised  which made her trip worthwhile.

The last photographer during the day had Gemma in lingerie so I carried on with that theme for starters…


Then a quick change of outfit…..a loose fitting black piece….



Then a little splash of red from the cloak…..



….then a complete change to some red velvet….and why not!?!



Did I mention tea and snacks?…..well we had some then moved on to different lighting for some 3/4 length shots with many changes of outfits…



Again we were against the clock and I had to make sure Gemma got the right train back at Dundee Station so she could get her connecting flight back home, however we got a lot done and were very productive…in between tea breaks. Gemma is an excellent model and highly recommended……she is also a MUA for shoots and film work.

An AV slideshow for this shoot is here



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