The Asian Artemis

Every year August means Artemis and this year was no different, yet in some ways in was. However we headed into the studio at Chris Scott Photography, I had a plan to shoot figure studies based on movements and stances based on Qi Gong and Tai Chi. As it turns out the movements aren’t intuitive and simplistic, however after some walk throughs on the poses Artemis nailed in by blending the movements into poses that translate into modelling images. This is an example of how model and photographer work together as a team, something I always harp on about to anyone who will listen. Having this kind of partnership can create something unique and different….

Then muscle tones in monochrome….

Then some figure studies loosely based on Tai Chi movements…

Artemis Fauna – Grasping the Sparrows Tail
Pushing Away
Single Whip
Fly like Wild Geese
Play the Guitar
Painting a Rainbow

Portrait of the Moon Child…..

Artemis Fauna

Then the second half of the shoot concentrated on usual type shots….

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

Then some lingerie, which I don’t do very often…or not often enough….

Then finally some heels!…

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

An Artemis Adventure….roll on another one in 2023! It’s always a great pleasure to work with Artemis, and if you haven’t had the chance yet then I suggest that you get in touch with her. Artemis does remote shooting too, so there is ample opportunity to get a booking.

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