Lulu Lockhart

I was asked to organize more studio day shoots from St Andrews PS members and as it was looming up to Xmas 2013 I decided that it would be best to get the holiday season out of the way first, and so it was that Lulu Lockhart was the first model of the year. Right from the word go she excelled and wow’d the photographers that booked her. This time we used a black backdrop, trickier but more rewarding when you get the light right. By the time I got everyone through their slots I was a bit tired and goodness knows how Lulu felt, she must have been exhausted. Anyways despite all that we got some fine images :-


The chair has now become a bit of a challenge for models, to see who can come up with an unusual pose using a simple chair.

DSC_0355-Edit DSC_0372-Edit-2


Then on to some floor work…..







DSC_0405-Edit-2 Lulu in Saffron DSC_0430-Edit DSC_0459-Edit

Luu had some wicked clothes and stuff in her case……we used a large overhead honeycomb light…and to be honest I’m still not sure about it, however it worked pretty well here.

Red Velvet DSC_0554-Edit DSC_0580-Edit Lulu


And then all too soon time was up, we had a bit of a scramble round to get back to the train station but we got there in plenty of time for ….erm the bus!…..yes the trains had been cancelled. In one of those bizarre situations where the buses were used for the east coast line between Edinburgh and Dundee. Lulu did remarkably well on the day and I would highly recommend her to anyone…simples


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