The Jezebelle

A mail from Purple Port arrived one morning with a note of a casting call from Emily Hamilton aka Jezebelle. She had managed to get hold of a hotel somewhere in Dundee to shoot in, now I was up for a challenge as I had never shot in a hotel before but I was also interested in the hotel. It was situated on the outskirts of Dundee, somewhere bizarre for a Hotel, it was quite out of the way from anywhere. However I booked a couple of hours with Emily at the hotel thinking that I’ll try my hand at a different kind of location too. And a week before the shoot I thought I’d better dig out my speedlite flashgun, in went fresh batteries and bang went the flashgun in a puff of smoke. £175 literally gone up in smoke. However I had heard my friend Kirsty had bought some really good high speed flashguns and she highly recommended them. So I sent of for one and some triggers for off camera work. They were Yongnuo flashguns and for a fraction of the price of nikon speedlites, a good result!

Anyway back to the shoot……I duly turned up at the hotel to meet the lovely Emily, we had a natter and a look round the rooms we could use, what a very nice hotel, fab for a shoot too. Up went the flashgun on a tripod, trigger on camera and away we went. I was pleasantly surprised at how the flash was working out. It wasn’t all plain sailing as every area in the hotel needed a different light set up. I actually used the camera flash for some shots too. And some shots needed a high ISO as flash couldn’t be used effectively, all in all though it worked out well.


DSC_9032-Edit DSC_9053-Edit


I just like the flare in this one….

DSC_9060-Edit DSC_9078-Edit DSC_9082-Edit DSC_9150-Edit Emily


In a different room with no flash, just window light and lamp light.


DSC_9237-Edit-2 DSC_9311-Edit Emily H


The natural light was starting to fade by this time as it was late afternoon in November..


Emily Hamilton DSC_9479-Edit DSC_9532-Edit DSC_9573-Edit Anticipation


By this time the room were getting quite dark and time was running out, so we called it quits slightly early but I was sure we had some cracking shots so I was happy enough.

Emily was a gem, took direction well and did everything with grace and style. Highly recommended, nice person and good company, she was very patient when I needed to get the light right at each scene change in the room. Very much a team player and enthusiastic.

Hotel shooting is a challenge too…it has its plus and minus points and I would certainly do it again….its one of those things that takes practise to get right.


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