Solitary Grace – Keira Lavelle

December 2018 and its a very mild one so far but still cold enough to run to the warmth of the studio. As an extra I managed to organise a portrait workshop for Dundee Photographic Society at the end of my shoot with Keira. All in all a seven hour shoot for Keira. However on the morning of the shoot I woke up with another idea (as I usually do), I had a notion to do a quick documentary slide show on how to shoot and edit a nude model from start to finish. So I headed down to pick up Keira from the train station, on the way I called her to see if she was ok with doing this idea at the last minute. And Keira being Keira is always up for an adventure and creative shenanigans readily agreed. We took turns at taking pictures of each other in amusing ways and gradually we built enough images for a docu/show. You can see the AV in the 2019 AV section called ‘How to shoot Art Nude’

This blog though is about our regular shoot on that day and the workshop after it, so we pressed on after our usual cuppa tea. Again single lighting to begin with, floor work for the most part,

This image below is the one chosen for the Docu/show called Solitary Grace…..

Keira Lavelle – Solitary Grace

Moving on to some spotlight lighting for some real dramatic content…..

Keira Lavelle – Braids
Keira Lavelle – Silver
Keira Lavelle

Some dark edgy dramatic portraits…plenty of darkness…..and hidden things.

Keira Lavelle – The Darkness hides many Things
Keira Lavelle – No one will Notice

After a good break with much talk and even more cups of tea we move onto some clothes and overhead lighting and more spotlight.

Keira Lavelle – The Heart of Prayer
Keira Lavelle – Keira on Asia
Keira Lavelle – One Last Perfect Verse

And one final nude before the portrait workshop begins…..

Keira Lavelle – Winter is Coming

Sadly our shoot came to an end all too soon, however the workshop was soon about to start, a quick bite to eat and little run through of the proceedings before attendees appeared. I will only add a couple of images from there because this blog is already very image heavy.

Keira Lavelle – Hair Play
Keira Lavelle – The Eye of Keira

Well I think its fair to say that Keira wow’d everyone on the portrait workshop with her unearthly stamina and energy, and they were bowled over with her modelling ability and posing skills. Everyone seemed to love their time and I think they got some stunning images as well as some insights and lessons on the hows and whys of studio work, plus and importantly, how much a professional model can add to an idea or theme.

I think everyone should have the Keira experience, highly recommended to all.

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