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Keira on Body Shapes

Well by the time I had got to this shoot I hadn’t actually shot in the studio for nearly 6 months, mainly due to financial reasons. However it was a delight to get to work with Keira again, always good fun working with this lovely personage. This time I wanted to explore a single light set up and body shapes, we used examples from other photographers as a jumping off point and inspiration. Once we got the light set up….a tricky business this time, we were off and running.

There were so many good body shapes that I found it very difficult to find titles for them all, so in an act of pure randomness I decided to use the names of the things I found in the kitchen cutlery drawer……. as you do!

The Tea Cozy

The Tin Opener

The Nut Cracker

The Bottle Opener

The Cork Screw


The Whisk

The Thermometer


Well I didn’t waste too much of the winter as I designed a skirt to use in the images for studio work, and Allison made it. The skirt was split at the front and back with the bottom hem attached to wrist cuffs via a small chain.

However, more of the skirt in future posts. We moved on to do some moody work in a theme I call ‘Between Gentlemen Callers’

This is not me…


But this is how I am…

Between Callers….

Again?…Do I have to?….

Finally we used a lace top that I got from Artemis and ended with a portrait…


Children of the Damned


Yet another shoot in which we run out of time, but that’s not really a problem as we will return to carry on working on the ideas we missed out on. Keira is always a pleasure to work with and results speak for themselves really..