Monthly Archives: September 2012


One rainy day in Scotland I managed to book Fredau for a fashion shoot in Dundee, and as luck would have it…it rained, a cold kinda damp and nasty rain….typical Summer this year. However we did the best to make the most of the day, only stopping for coffee when the rain was heavy enough to run down the camera lens.

We started of down near the Lifeboat shed at Broughty Ferry, luckily Fredau got wrapped up for the weather as it started to get a bit soggy.

Ok raining quite heavy now, time for coffee and erm …cake!
So a little later and a change of clothes and still some rain albeit a little lighter

Hmmmm….more rain on the way!!
So we head of to the beach for a final few shoots before the great weather god pisses down on us:-

Despite the rain we did get quite a lot of images done, Fredau did amazingly well in cold damp conditions always going full out to get the best images, very professional and good company to  have on a shoot. I drove her back to her accomodations and dropped her off just before the heavens really open up….looks like we got the best of the morning. Hopefully I’ll get a chance of another shoot soon, this time in better weather 🙂