Darling Model

In early May I organized another studio day for the members of St Andrews PS, this time we had a quick look about and found that Darling was taking a visit up here. A few emails later and everything was arranged, We had seven members each with one hours slots, and I think it was very productive all round. As usual I opted for the last slot that way I can close up and take the model back to the train station or hotel etc. Most of the members now had two or three shoots under their belt and were starting to get more creative, each coming up with a new idea. By the time my slot came around I had actually given all my ideas away but we came out with more than a few good shots. First up was the old chair challenge…



Then some simple nude shapes and floor work

DSC_2928-Edit-2 DSC_2954-Edit-2


Then some props to play with!

DSC_2997-Edit DSC_3023-Edit DSC_3051-Edit


Then finally some portraits….something I should really do more of.

DSC_3063-Edit-2 DSC_3066-Edit Darling Darling


Fantastic hair for all sorts of looks, very versatile.

Darling did very well considering the amount of work she had to do that day, it was quite hard going at some points. A very professional model and good fun to work with. I’m hoping to see her work with lots of other photographers, I’m sure she would be an asset to have on anyone’s portfolio.




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