A Diaz in the Dark


A long long time ago (last September) in a galaxy far far away (my house!) …….

Helen Diaz and I got together for a shooty type thingymabob, she turned up at my house and we had a chat and a cup of green tea before heading off to do dark deeds in a very dark place in the dark side of the Tay Road Bridge (Fife).

Keeping with the dark side theme I’ve selected mostly B&W. Helen has a fab look and lovely black hair and I wanted to use that against the black of the studio, that subtle blend when the hair just about melds into the background. Anyways of we went with some classic nudes first.


DSC_4497-Edit-2 DSC_4521-Edit-2 DSC_4571-Edit DSC_4619-Edit-2 DSC_4623-Edit-2


Oh look its that raggedy thing again…..it lights up well in the dark!


DSC_4679-Edit-2 DSC_4709-Edit-2 DSC_4735-Edit-2 DSC_4780-Edit-2 DSC_4798-Edit-Edit

Helen Diaz

Helen Diaz

After many cups of tea and chats about darkly things we did portraits using clam lighting.


DSC_4897-Edit-2 DSC_4966-Edit-2 DSC_4985-Edit-2


Bloody hell!!….a colour one!…how did that get there?!??


Miss Diaz


What a fun mad day with jokes and japes and many a pulled face. Helen is great to work with and has such a distinctive look, very much fun and a joy to experiment in the studio with. Sadly the day went too fast as it always does. Highly recommended to anyone, and hopefully she’ll be back here again for some more darkly deeds and green tea!


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