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Savannah Sapphire

Late Summer I got a an email out of the blue, a model looking to work together when she was up in Scotland for a tour. I looked up her profile and was intrigued by the tattoos, so I was more than happy to work together in the studio. So one morning I picked up Savannah from the train station and headed to the studio…..stopping for the usual snacks on the way. With a lot of chat, cups of tea when we got there, make up, lights set up and we were soon shooting away. A theme of low light, shapes and mood.

Savannah J Sapphire
The Touch of Scent – Salon Gold – Savannah J Sapphire
Light on a Sapphire – Savannah J Sapphire
I Touched it’s Sliver Lining – Savannah J Sapphire

Time for a little more colour, mood and a break…I picked up this red asian outfit from a second hand store in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.

A Sapphire of Ruby Red – Savannah J Sapphire
A Red Sapphire – Savannah J Sapphire

Portraits and 3/4 length images….Lights are changed and outfits dragged out to see what fitted. The silver gray dress was sourced from Nix Brown.

1001 Nights Unseen – Savannah J Sapphire
Savannah J Sapphire
Savannah J Sapphire

At this point one of the lights blew up 5 minutes before time and just before I was trying a new lighting technique. So we called it a day but a very very productive day, Savannah was a lovely model to work with, amiable, hard working and with great poses and modelling skill. She was open to experimental ideas and very patient when some tricky lighting needed set up. I highly recommended Savannah to any photographer, it was a great shoot. You can find her profile on Purple Port.

Artemis in the Wild

August is a bit of a hit or miss weather wise in Scotland, however the day Artemis and I went for a shoot was a lovely summers day. I was still recovering from an injury to my arm due a stupid fall in the garden two weeks earlier. I wasn’t very sure how well I was going to cope with the rough and tumble of a location shoot. Also the first location wasn’t known to me, a new location and an old site on farmland. Anyway after a quick snack we drove off to find this location.

We had no trouble getting there and after asking the farmers wife for permission to shoot, we parked the car and climbed up a hill to some ancient forts and structures. The farmer’s wife warned us of the presence of cows on the hill, they turned out to very curious and really took to Artemis.

The cows seemed desperate to get in on the shooty action any chance they could….

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

As you can see…..very friendly cows….

At this point I turned round to seem one nibbling at my camera bag, a little shoo-ing away did the trick…..for a little while anyway.

And of course…….

Artemis Fauna

Finally the cows lose interest…..

Artemis Fauna

The light was getting quite contrasty so we decided to move to another location, this time Boddin Lymkilns…..about 30 mins away, enough time for a natter and another snack….or two!

This time the trouble wasn’t with cows but people!… was a little busy with folks coming and going, cyclists and tourists n such…but with a little bit of timing and cunning we managed to get some shots in.

Artemis Fauna

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

The inside the Lymkilns the wind whistled inside like a chimney…..which it was really!

Artemis Fauna

Outside the Lymkilns we used some of the old fishing boats that lay nearby…

Artemis Fauna

After this we drove to Lunan Bay but the combination of the beach being busy with tourists and my arm starting to really complain a lot I called it quits, besides we got a lot of good shots and we can leave the beach til next year. And so ended another Artemis adventure featuring McDonalds happy meals, Farmers dogs, disinterested bulls, very interested cows, old forts, slobbered camera bags, nettles and brambles, limekilns, ruined buildings, pesky fishing boats, wind tunnels, sock chasing, old ruined boats and busy beaches…..just a normal day for us really with lots of fab images.

The Return of Roswell Ivory

It had been a long time since I had my first shoot with Roswell, quite a few years. As it happened she embarked on a Scottish tour and was in the area, we arranged a shoot and a few creative themes…and on the day I picked her up from the railway station we were soon chatting and laughing as if the last shoot was only yesterday. Stopping off for coffee and snacks on the way to the studio….as you do, of course, gotta be done!

Without further ado we got down to shooting, most of the costumes and outfits were Rosewell’s ideas, being the highly creative person that she is.

Rosewell Ivory

Quite a few costume changes in this shoot, so on with the next one….

Rosewell Ivory

and the next….

Rosewell Ivory

And another…..

Time for a proper break and snacks…..a completely different look and lighting setup, plus obviously a good old natter while preparing for the next scene…..mostly about riverboats, inappropriate toilets, unwanted bling…and cats!

Roswell Ivory

Another theme change, another natter, another tea….

Then…, makeup and costume changes for portrait work….

The Kingslayer – Roswell Ivory

Another lovely shoot with a lovely creative person, highly recommended to all photographers on her next tour in 2020. I loved all her ideas and outfits, she really plays the parts to suit the scenes, very creative and imaginative.

Look out for the next Roswell experience!