Red on the Beach

May in Scotland was warm, warm enough for Chrissie to want to go to the beach, and so it was that we organized a shoot on Facebook only for our friends Kirsty Brown and Jillian Crabb to hijack the shoot and come along. They were more than welcome though and added to the general insanity of the day (even more than usual). We found a spot amoungst the dunes where we could hide from the breeze and any onlookers, the beach at Tentsmuir is right in front of a forest and often there are dead logs and branches, well we found some and used them.

Desert Sand DSC_3707-Edit DSC_3718-Edit


Shortly after this the girls found a branch stuck in the sand, obviously well buried but they were determined to dig it out…….I was equally determined to watch them, they were on a mission!…alas it was too deeply buried but it was a good laugh trying to dig it out. Anyways it was way past time for Chrissie to get wet in the surf….


DSC_3728-Edit DSC_3735-Edit Red on the Beach Splish Splash


I know, I said!…Lets find another log and bring to the waters edge!  It was a struggle but we got there, fortunately we didn’t have to dig it out the sand first…we’d still be there now!.



After a while we headed back into the forest….erm, I took them a short cut that went a bit wild and thorny, however we got there eventually. An area of the forest had been cleared and there was on big tree stump surrounded by scrub…..just made for a model to pose on I thought.

DSC_3857-Edit DSC_3868-Edit



A great day was had by all, loads of laughs and fun, Kirsty and Jillian can come along anytime as far as I’m concerned. Chrissie was fab as usual, always a star and never fails to impress. Happy Summer days 🙂


2 thoughts on “Red on the Beach

  1. naturewalker

    looks the spot i visited not long ago
    is that quite close to the ice house which is behind the trees there is a gate with tentsmuir sands sign

    1. admin Post author


      It’s in the opposite direction from the icehouse, walk from the carpark to the beach and turn right. I use that side of the beach because there’s less people there. The icehouse side has more potential for varied shots but also has more folk wandering about. I’ve used both sides, it just depends on the day 🙂


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