The Ivory Coast

Ok so I already posted a blog about Ivory Flame’s visit however that was a story, so I decided to blog about the shoot and thrust upon you all some different images that were not in the story.

I already had the idea of the Sea Priestess before Ivory Flame arrived but I had various endings in mind. So anyway off we went to the beach, it was a stormy day and on the chilly side but not quite cold enough for a jacket even though the wind was cool. We parked the car and ambled through the forest to the shoreline to check out the viability of nude work and where best to shoot. We looked, we saw and we headed back to the car for the gear….and that’s when it happened!!… I was molested by a stupid dog which mauled my jumper and grabbed hold of my arm, fortunately it was a large young dog and it was trying to play, however I was on the point of retaliation when it ran off…. one jersey ruined. And not a word of apology from the owner, seriously badly trained…had I been a small child I could have been traumatized.

Isn’t it weird the things that happen on shoots?..or is it just me?! Anyway we got the gear and headed of to the shoreline and Ivory Flame worked her magic on the images.

Rhiannon DSC_5283-Edit DSC_5310-Edit



Next we headed over to the sand dunes to get a little relief from the wind.


DSC_5386-Edit DSC_5402-Edit Rhiannon, Sea Priestess


By this time a nasty looking rain cloud sneaked over so we headed back to the car for coffee and snacks…..see I try to look after models when they work with me, ok sometimes they get cold and wet but….I bring quality snacks. Once the rain went off the sun came out so we did a few shots in the trees.




Then we headed back out as Audrey and Vron turned up for their 4 hours slot, afterwards we went back out into the sea. Sadly by this time the weather turned horrible, it rained and went cold, so speed was the order of the day. But just before that there is a mental image of the girls huddled round a brolly while I dragged a heavy log across the sand, I must admit they looked soggy and miserable. But!!…….skin is waterproof!…mostly….lol. So Ivory Flame and I braved the sea for the final shots for the story….yes dear blog readers, I had stripped to underwear and got into the water too, it was the only way to get the right angle. The final shots were all done in less than 10 minutes, we were back out and dried off as best we could in the rain.





It was a long drag back to the car, especially for Vron as she had lugged around a huge suitcase of props….I felt sorry for her and helped lug it back, I somehow feel she wont be using that again on a shoot. Back home in time for roast lamb, red wine and chocolate pudding! just what you need when you been cold and wet!

Ivory Flame did a fantastic job at the character of Rhiannon, I deliberately didn’t tell her all the story, I just said that she needed to sacrifice herself to the sea. She was so good I was forced to give her some Scottish tablet … ~shock horror scandal~



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