The Return of Roswell Ivory

It had been a long time since I had my first shoot with Roswell, quite a few years. As it happened she embarked on a Scottish tour and was in the area, we arranged a shoot and a few creative themes…and on the day I picked her up from the railway station we were soon chatting and laughing as if the last shoot was only yesterday. Stopping off for coffee and snacks on the way to the studio….as you do, of course, gotta be done!

Without further ado we got down to shooting, most of the costumes and outfits were Rosewell’s ideas, being the highly creative person that she is.

Rosewell Ivory

Quite a few costume changes in this shoot, so on with the next one….

Rosewell Ivory

and the next….

Rosewell Ivory

And another…..

Time for a proper break and snacks…..a completely different look and lighting setup, plus obviously a good old natter while preparing for the next scene…..mostly about riverboats, inappropriate toilets, unwanted bling…and cats!

Roswell Ivory

Another theme change, another natter, another tea….

Then…, makeup and costume changes for portrait work….

The Kingslayer – Roswell Ivory

Another lovely shoot with a lovely creative person, highly recommended to all photographers on her next tour in 2020. I loved all her ideas and outfits, she really plays the parts to suit the scenes, very creative and imaginative.

Look out for the next Roswell experience!

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