I think my first ever studio nude session was with Joceline a few years ago now, a one hour slot at the studios in Elgin. At that time the studio had the lights all set and ready to go, all I had to do is explain the idea and point n click. Nowadays I’m much more confident with lights and lighting nudes. So it was with great delight that I managed to book Joceline for a 4 hour studio shoot at Studio RoRo. Now Joceline is famous for her height, body flexibility and for fetish modelling, and quite rightly so as she excels in these areas, however when I met her again it struck me that I had forgotten how pretty her face is. Anyways we started off right away with a nice cuppa and a chat about what we were aiming for today, and once she warmed up with stretching we were up and running with art nude shapes.

Joceline DSC_3143-Edit-2 DSC_3157-Edit-2 DSC_3161-Edit-2 DSC_3176-Edit-2



Then onto the chair challenge….wait, a cuppa tea first….~slurp~ … ok now the chair!

DSC_3190-Edit DSC_3197-Edit-2 DSC_3202-Edit-2 DSC_3216-Edit-2 DSC_3221-Edit-2 Joceline



Then things get a little soft and fluffy in a high key kinda way….after another cuppa.

Angel Amoungst Us Joceline Her Master's Voice



Then I decided to expand on a couple of ideas I had used in the past, feeling there was still some room to explore on a couple of props and scenes.

DSC_3505-Edit-2 DSC_3539-Edit-2 DSC_3570-Edit-2 DSC_3588-Edit-2


It was nearing the end of the shoot by now and I still wanted to do something more with chain but had simply run out of ideas. Joceline then ad lib’d and free styled using the chain and came up with some lovely poses.

DSC_3592-Edit DSC_3610-Edit Chain Yank DSC_3616-Edit


What a stunning model and a lovely person too, everyone needs a Joceline in their portfolio. If you see that she’s coming to your area book her up quick, you wont regret it. She’s very professional and delivers images effortlessly.



3 thoughts on “Joceline

  1. Joceline

    Oh you are lovely, John! And the pictures are gorgeous, I love the cloudy, heavenly ones, and the chair ones are brilliant. You are very clever, and it was a fantastic shoot 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Joceline, I couldn’t have done it without you though, good teamwork 🙂


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