Artemis Fauna at St Cyrus

How time flies like a flying speedy thing with wings and a jet engine on boost!

Anyway August 2017 came around and I was very much looking forward to a day out with Artemis on the beach, a different beach from usual this time, St Cyrus. I was there earlier in the year with Amber and we got some special images however the weather was a bit crap and we didn’t get much of a chance to have a really good look about. This time though although the weather was warm it was a bit overcast which kinda worked in our favour as it reduced the heavy contrast for location work. St Cyrus has a cliff path and its quite a steep climb from the car park to the beach, at the bottom is a small group of buildings that Amber and I used the last time. So we headed off to the left along the beach toward some rocks and we found a cool cave, now many people obviously know about the cave but St Cyrus isn’t exactly near me so I didn’t have a clue it was there. Anyways….we made full use of it!


There were just too many good places to shoot….and right next the cave was cliff face above a pool….


Then….around the corner was a massive waterfall and a ruined building…to get there we had to negotiate through the rocks and dodge the incoming tide. Due to the tide being quite close we only had a limited time at the waterfall, plus the beach was getting busy with people. However we did get some cracking shots.


By now we were risking getting cut off by the tide so we scrambled our way back to the cave area…..just to the side of the cave was a large rock formation, seemed a shame to waste it really. The beach was getting quite busy with dog walkers and tourists, a colourful dress was in order…..Artemis wore one too! j/k


By this now it was time move away from the more popular area and across to some abandoned buildings next to where I had shot the last time but didn’t get round to. The farthest away building seemed quite interesting with a lot of debris.



It get’s even messier….


Then simpler and less busy…



By this time the day wearing on so we worked our way back to the car with a final shoot at the last building.


Then last but by now means least…..the attic…..


By then we were both well hungry and we hauled our sorry souls back up the cliff path and headed to the local cake shop for ….erm….filled baked potatoes, by the time we had that we were too stuffed for cake and headed home. It was indeed a grand adventure of a day with lots of great images and Artemis is always special company and a joy to spend time with. Her modelling speaks for itself and if you haven’t worked with Artemis then you are seriously missing out. We’ve already booked again for Aug 2018, something definitely look forward to.


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