Artemis and Chrissie Red

It’s always a pleasure to work with Chrissie but doubly so to work with her and Artemis together, this being my third shoot of August 2013. This time I had ideas!, shock horror and scandal…..ok maybe not scandal lol. I had organized to do 2 hour in the studio with both of them then head off to the beach to meet Nicola, who booked Artemis for 2 hours. I was then to have another 2 hours with Artemis on the beach, seemed like a grand plan. Here are the studio shots.



The Goddess and The Red



The Candy Floss Girls





And so to the beach to have a picnic and meet Nicola… has to be said that at this point Chrissie and I did our shoot thing at the waters edge where I’m afraid to say my hairy legs were bared and exposed as I was forced to enter the water to get the shot. Oh wait…that was the scandal bit!.


Red and Wet Purple





As you can see it wasn’t actually a very summery day, the sea was shrouded in low cloud but at least it was warm. And so on to my other idea…yes reader..I had more than one! Whilst Nicola was shooting Artemis I was digging a whole in the sand amoungst the dunes, big enough to bury Chrissie in. Hey…it’s plan!

Heat in the Dunes

No Shelter


Born of the Sand


Then Artemis joins in and Nicola becomes the lookout.


Red and the Huntress



Then we get a bit bad and erm…..’find’ a closed logging workshop, in which Artemis gets caught nude by a passerby. Fortunately he wasn’t paying attention and I don’t think he saw her…..however evasive action was taken, I’ve never seen anyone curl up into ball as fast as that before.





Unfortunately right after this the clouds emptied and the rest of the shoot was a wash out and had to be abandoned…..however fun times were had, as well as many images. The next time I see Artemis is at Chrissies wedding….but that’s another story 🙂


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