Keira Lavelle

In all honesty I can’t remember how Keira and I got together for a shoot but I’m very glad we did. I do remember having to pick her up from a bus at the train station as the train station was closed due to massive derailment inside Dundee just next to the station. I also remember booking the studio thinking that September can be cold and iffy weather wise, And of course it was a lovely warm sunny day. After a cuppa tea for me and a cuppa hedgerow clippings infusion for Keira we got down to shooting.


DSC_6557-Edit-2 DSC_6582-Edit-2 DSC_6586-Edit-2 Keira Lavelle


A ‘quick’ change of lighting and more tea…


DSC_6753-Edit DSC_6757-Edit DSC_6820-Edit-2 DSC_6891-Edit KL


More light changes and a couple of textures added in post processing..


Keira in Principles Pure DSC_7098-Edit



We then rigged up a velvet curtain, like a stage curtain and used a spotlight.


Curtain Call DSC_7191-Edit


Then a few portraits using clam lighting…


Keira DSC_7367-Edit


Keira Lavelle

Keira Lavelle


I have to say Keira was fab in the studio, always willing to experiment and try different things out, friendly and good company too, highly recommend to anyone. I have another shoot with her soon-ish, hopefully the weather will be good and we can head off to the beach this time 🙂


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