Kinpurnie Hill

So sometime in September 2013 was the day of the joint shoot with Tim Pile and Chrissie Red, and after much location hunting it was decided that Kinpurnie Hill would be ideal, it was described in the hill walking blurb as a gentle stroll…..gentle stroll my arse!!

The tower at Kinpurnie sits high on the summit and can be seen for miles around, I’ve driven past it thousands of times in my life but had never been there. So it seemed an ideal operchancity to pay it a visit. The plan was to note shooting places on the way up the hill as a waterfall was mentioned in the online hill walking info. It was a bit of a climb through a wooded area, and there was indeed a couple of decent pretty waterfall bits to explore on the way back down. By the time we had cleared the woods I expected the hill to flatten off a bit into an easy gradient…oh how wrong I was, it got steeper. After a lot of huffing about puffing from us all we eventually got to the top, and I have to say it had a fantastic view…I also have to say that it started to drizzle a bit so we went inside the roofless tower for a little shelter only to find that it was significantly colder inside and not much drier, However like the adventurous intrepid people we were we soldiered on and used natural light inside the tower, which had an amazing green colour of algae all over the stonework. The air was very cold and the wind whistled around inside, Tim and I played tag team shooting with Chrissie so that she did not get too cold.


DSC_9393-Edit Kingpurney DSC_9404-Edit DSC_9415-Edit


After a little while we found the air outside had warmed again once the rain shower had moved on so we did some external shots



DSC_9452-Edit-2 DSC_9473-Edit


And as is typical for Scotland in September the weather suddenly changed…again! and blue sky came out giving a bit of drama to the scene.

We moved on and started to work our way back using the bits we spotted on the way up.


Roots DSC_9592-Edit-2


And lastly we used the waterfall not far from the end of the walk






If you look at the left of Chrissie in the pool you will see a darker area of water where the depth suddenly plummets down into a large hole in the floor, that was not a part of the pool worth exploring!

Another fab day out, it was good to meet Tim Pile for the first time, we had spoken online and on the phone but it was extra fun to share a shoot. Hopefully we can do it again sometime. Chrissie never fails to deliver and this time was no exception, despite the rain and cold wind.

I did manage to take a couple of landscape shots but let’s not go there, and!……don’t tell anyone!!


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