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Chrissie and De Silva

On my second day out with Francisca de Silva we had arranged to shoot Chrissie Red for a beach escapade. Rory dropped Chrissie off at my house and we headed off to get Francisca at her hotel, 30 mins later we arrived at the beach on a very drab looking day, no blue skies, slightly misty but a bit warmer than the day before despite the lack of sunshine. Anyway without further ado we got down to some image taking at a washed up log.



DSC_1017-Edit DSC_1060-Edit


We headed over to the dunes for some shelter and a little bit of colour…..


DSC_1160-Edit DSC_1208-Edit


A quick cuppa tea then we walked out into the forest, however by this time the area was getting a bit busier…


Forest Nude Chrissie in the Woods Forest Creature


By the time we had finished shooting in the forest the beach area was too busy to do any nude photography so I suggested we head over to Morton Lochs, which is only a 10 mins drive. That too was busy but 20 mins later everyone seemed to vanish and we got a loch side area to ourselves….though you cant actually see the loch for the reeds…




Next was a short hop over to Kirkton Barns to an old mausoleum and church ruin….


Chrissie Red

Chrissie Red

Nooks and Crannies


Too quickly the day ended but we did have a good time….and a lot of exercise!

The next day Chrissie and Amber got Francisca to themselves and had further adventures, sadly I couldn’t make it… beckoned with its skeleton like finger and I missed out.

Anyway, a lovely day out and a bit of a romp 🙂