Elle Beth in the Studio

Elle Beth had contacted me months and months before we actually got together for a shoot, she obviously believes in planning well ahead and it seemed ages ago that we originally set a date for our shoot. However late February soon came along and needless to say I had the Flu or some other buggy thing and I was not on my sparkliest form. I dosed myself up with lemsips and such like and picked Elle up from the station, we drove off to the studio, stopping off for snacks obviously…cuz snacks are important. In we go, kettle on, tea made, and whizz bang wollop away we went.

Simple shapes and form first….


I also found a fantastic Asian shop in Dundee that sold a huge range of high quality fabrics, so I bought some……as you do.


Elle Beth

Elle Beth

Elle Beth

After some more tea and a natter about good locations for shoots in Scotland, we changed the lights around went for some more Hollywood style dark shots.

(Have to say by this time I was struggling and feeling a bit poorly…hey ho)

It’s Sofa time!!

Elle Beth

Then another change for some Clam Shell lighting…..I just love this lighting technique for three quarter length portrait style shots, it lends itself beautifully for adding textures.

We finished in good time as Elle needed to get a specific train and I wanted to make sure we made it without any drama, which we did. Anyway I hope to work with Elle Beth again she is a lovely person and a very professional model, quiet but friendly and good at listening. Modelling wise she knows all the right poses for the right situation and takes direction well when needed, another highly recommended model to add to the growing list.

On a slightly separate note I used these images to try out a new post processing technique I kinda haphazardly stumbled upon. More practise required but its getting there.


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