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Stephanie Dubois

In late Nov 2014 I got a message from Stephanie saying she was coming up to Scotland and staying with Chrissie, so we organized a shoot in the studio as the weather was decidedly unpredictable. I had one or two ideas and one old one that involved a big plastic sheet and some chains. Anyways I asked Chrissie to come down to help as I needed a chain puller at the end of the shoot, during the shoot she revelled in heat of the studio, mainly because her heating had broken in her flat…I’m sure she fell asleep while Stephanie and I were shooting but that can’t be proved. So of we go, starting with nudes of the lovely Stephanie..

Stephanie from the Wood DSC_9547-Edit DSC_9528-Edit-2 DSC_9447-Edit-3


The next image is taken taken from another nude but I preferred it as a portrait.


Stephanie Dubois

Stephanie Dubois


Next is the old favourite…the auld chair!!


Then a few more sedate and subtle shots….


Stephanie in Peril DSC_9822-Edit-2 DSC_9830-Edit-2



And now to wake up Chrissie and do the plastic sheet and chains section, firstly just the plastic on its own….which we fashioned into a dress.


DSC_9853-Edit-2 DSC_9859-Edit-2

We then cut it down a bit, with almost an instance with sharp  scissors in the vein of ‘Photographer stabs Model during shoot’ .. a scary moment!

DSC_9879-Edit-2-2 DSC_9883-Edit-2


More chains needed!!

DSC_9910-Edit-2DSC_9923-Edit-2The Chains that Pull



Actually we ran out of time to fully explore the plastic sheet idea but we did learn a lot out of getting it to work, I think there’s more mileage to be had out of the sheeting. Tune in to later blogs to find out!

Stephanie had to dash of to her next shoot in Glasgow, a very busy girl and I can see why. Without a doubt a versatile class model with tons of enthusiasm and  experience, highly recommended to anyone and everyone.

On the way back to dropping off Chrisse we had lunch at the Antiques Center at Inchture, yum yum…a fun day…shoots, banter and good company.