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Strathore Hospital

Back in February a fellow camera club member came across an old abandoned hospital in deepest darkest Fife, in fact the hospital had a bit of a reputation for ghosts and spooky goings on, it was in fact featured in one of those supernatural programmes on TV. Well anyway off Chrissie and I went to explore, meeting Nicola Shepherd on site, the hospital was just off the road but actually quite difficult to spot. It used to be a respite hospital in war time and after that a fever ward for children.

It has to be said it was a piggin cold day, not frosty but that damp cold bone biting way, the lighting was also very dark though the images don’t look it, Nicola manned the reflector but we are still talking very high ISO. We did a quick search through the rooms and decided what to do so that we could shoot quickly to prevent getting Chrissie too cold. In one room we found a huge tractor tyre.

These 3 images below have been accepted in International Salons.

Tread Abandonly


The walls were lined with old fashioned green tiles, that heavy glaze/gloss look from a bygone era. As such we used them to do another portrait and succeeded in another Salon Acceptance.
A Splash of Red
We rummaged around and found a shower area that was used for for patients, it was rusty and grubby but still had its shower curtain albeit in tatters.
We stopped for a break to get warmed up again for another shoot in a different part but by the time we went back out the chill had gotten worse and we decided to call it quits and return at a later date. We headed off to Balgove Farm for a well earned lunch and much needed hot drinks. Thanks to Chrissie and Nicola for making it a fun day 🙂