Anita De Bauch


In February this year there was a chance to shoot with Anita De Bauch but it wasn’t working out as there were issues at work at the time and it was too risky financially to book Anita. However as it turned out the issues disappeared and Anita had a cancellation that just happened to fit in at short notice….happy days!

So we organized for a very short shoot of 2 hours as this was all we could fit in before her next booking. Anyways…after the usual cuppa tea we got down to getting some images, because of the short notice we ad libbed it all and kept it simple.



DSC_1411-Edit DSC_1415-Edit The Crawl DSC_1434-Edit-2 DSC_1462-Edit DSC_1472-Edit


Then….the chair!!….gotta be done really…..



DSC_1501-Edit DSC_1518-Edit


And a change of lighting…….


DSC_1549-Edit-2 Anita DSC_1625-Edit


Then some vintage style lingerie for some classic pin up images


Pin Up DSC_1744-Edit-2

Anita De Bauch

Anita De Bauch

Considering the time limitation I think we got a lot done and some quality images to boot.

Anita is lovely and very well experienced, delivering classic looks and versatile poses, Highly recommended and hopefully I can work with her again at some point in the future. Hopefully I’ll be more organized next time and actually have some ideas……though sometimes winging it has its advantages, more spontaneous and inventive.


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