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Chrissie in the Snow

One Autumn day Chrissie and I went to do a shoot in Glenesk and on the way we stopped in to have a look at this location, it was an old priory near Forfar called Restenneth. It had some potential for some nudes however Chrissie’s madcap idea was to do it in the snow, somehow it would look stark and more interesting. I thought yeah ok….mad but ok, gonna be bloody freezing too. So in January this year we returned with Rory to do the mad snow shoot, I gotta admit she was right but so was I …it was piggin perishing!!
Bleak Priory  – A Salon Accepted Image
Red, White and Purple – A Salon Accepted image

Getting a little shelter from the wind!
The unpredictable weather in Scotland means that getting a snow shoot can be a little tricky, if there’s too much snow you can’t get to the locations, but if there’s not enough then the locations look patchy. We headed out towards the House of Dun but unfortunately the snow ran out nearer the coastline, so we doubled back inland and ended up at Little Ballo. It was a little sheltered from the wind but it was much much colder in the trees….during these types of shoots you really have to be ready, camera all set up, ideas discussed then clothes off and shoot. Amazingly Chrissie managed to keep going through the cold and even rolled around in the snow.

One flickr user was convinced this image above was a cut n paste image, I don’t do cut n paste, that is really Chrissie standing there.

The images below are where we came out of the trees and into the heath, however the wind was howling around and we could  only shoot for a very short time despite Chrissie using the robe/cape.


It was a great adventure that day, even though my car got stuck in 2 inches of snow, useless pile of crap in the snow and ice. Rory and I got some great images and Chrissie did fantastic stuff in the snow, Rory and I were cold with all our winter gear on, god knows how cold Chrissie felt….lol.
Roll on the Summer!!! 🙂