Madame Bink in the Studio

Bink and I had originally set up a shoot in February but due to ill health we had to reschedule, as it was I managed to rustle up a studio day for her with St Andrews PS and an Art Nude workshop the weekend after, so all in all it worked out better in the end. It had been a wee while since I saw Bink and it was a pleasure to be working with her again. I’m always struck by her free spirit and compassion for the world and people. Anyways back to business, we had a few people in for the shoot on the first day and eventually it came round to my allotted time.

So of we go with some dark light images….a mixture of nude and lace



DSC_2248-Edit-2 Beauty of Bink

DSC_2296-Edit-2 DSC_2330-Edit-2


Veronica had been in earlier and I managed to blag a loan of this red fluffy coat, together with red shoes it made for a striking combination.


Bink in Red Fur DSC_2433-Edit DSC_2450-Edit


I also blagged her leather coat with the red lining….


DSC_2499-Edit DSC_2508-Edit



We moved on to some portraits using clam lighting….with a difference, the bottom light didn’t always flash but it all worked out fine anyway. This first image was really just a test shot but I still think its a cracker as it just shows Bink to be the natural beauty she is.


Just Bink

I added some texture and heavily modified the images for this section section of images.


Madame Bink Wild Bink DSC_2615-Edit M Bink Bink's Mane


As usual we ran out of time to do much more, but we met up again the next weekend as Bink was the model for the Studio Art Workshop. Because I was teaching I didn’t get the opportunity to take much in the way of images but I managed a little. The workshop attendees had an easy time of it and Bink is a well experienced model and they got some high quality images.


DSC_2658-Edit-2 DSC_2659-Edit-2 DSC_2663-Edit-2


Bink has always been an impressive model, flawless and fluid in action. With a wealth of experience in front of and behind the camera, she is definitely one to look out for when she next tours Scotland. If you haven’t worked with Bink then you are missing out on something special.



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