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FIAP at a Crossroads

So it’s been over 2 years since I entered a FIAP salon, this was due to FIAP rules. However my FIAPp distinction should be coming through soon which means I can enter salons again, but what do I aim for? I have 2 paths I can take; I can follow the Diamond levels which means I am no longer listing acceptances but listing awards instead, or do I compile an MFIAP panel. It’s a tricky decision, I have more than enough for a panel but I think I would value the Diamond levels more, even though FIAP say the MFIAP is the pinnacle distinction. I must admit I miss entering salons so maybe I could do both. I’m not sure, perhaps the easiest option is to do both but at a leisurely pace.

I have to say I’ve hated waiting the two year gap, it feels like being in limbo or waiting for a bus that never arrives. Anyways I thought I’d post some random awarded images from the Platinum level…there were 33 of them so I wont post them all. All of them can be found here

Curvaceous, Fredau – PSA Gold

The Cross, Salon Gold – Lulu Lockhart
Rachelle S, DPW Gold, Salon Bronze 4 x HMs – Rachelle Summers
When Angels Sleep, 2nd Prize, Salon HM – Joceline Brooke Hamilton
A Red Diaz, Salon Silver – Helen Diaz
Madame Bink Salon HM
Shelter, GPI HM, CFU Bronze, Salon Gold – Rachelle Summers
Kimono and Ivory, IAP HM – Ivory Flame
Snared, ICM HM – Stephanie Dubois
Red in a Red Hat, Salon HM – Chrissie Red
M Lavelle, Salon Praise -Keira Lavelle

Normally during the EFIAP levels I park an image once it wins an award, I find it more efficient to do this and move on to other images, strategy is important when entering salons otherwise a lot of money could be spent needlessly. However if I am to do the Diamond levels the strategy changes entirely, instead of parking I need to re-use any awarded images because awards are the main focus. Another aspect is that to gain 50 awards per year is a fairly ambitious prospect but not only that, the first year is only 8 month therefore it would take some concerted effort to gain the first level in the first year. Perhaps that’s a good challenge to do before compiling an Mpanel…..if so I’d better get a move on!

Artemis in Shapes and Colour

So in August 2018 the lovely Artemis came round for a shoot, studio stuff this time as last year we did a stonking full day on location at St Cyrus. Artemis arrived as I was struggling with the overhead octobox, lashing it to the wall to try and balance the thing over the studio floor. So after a quick chinwag and a cuppa we set about getting some shots of shapes and shadows.

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

Then a little colour for good measure…..

Artemis Fauna
Artemis Fauna

Then we used the same light source for these two portraits..

Artemis Fauna

So after a quick cuppa…we changed to the table top and again a single light source from a strip box…

Artemis Fauna

A small of touch of red next I think…..

Artemis Fauna

Then for a complete change we did some clamshell lighting for 3/4 length images…

Artemis Fauna

Then…..I showed Artemis my wife’s gown and she fell in love with it, so much so she asked me to get one for her and post it when she got home….it’s the Stork gown.

Artemis Fauna

Then finally I had this idea for twa lads on the sofa pigging out on beer and snacks! Which we turned into a humorous GIF..

And so ended our shoot together…always a fun time with Artemis, always productive and different…..always looking forward to the next Artemis shoot.