Tryst in the Light

So May comes around and I get a message from Tryst saying she’s in the area and it seems a good opportunity for a shoot. This May tended to be unpredictable for the weather so the studio seemed to be the safest option. Chris Scott’s studio has excellent facilities so we invaded the place and soon got to work.

Mostly a return to ‘dark light’ with a single light source…

And a little mono work……….

Once we warmed up a little Tryst decided she wanted to try the lace blindfold…..

Then the purple robe….

Then the purple cape…..

And finally some three quarter length shots….

Tryst is good fun to work with, chatty and good company, and we got a lot of excellent images. She said she thought about moving from Canada to Glasgow so maybe there will be an opportunity for more shoots, certainly a model for other photographers to look out for, Highly Recommended.

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