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Chrissie at Glen Esk

In the summer of 2012 my wife and her friend went for a day out down Glen Esk and on their travels she saw a couple of good locations for a shoot. However Chrissie and I didn’t get there until the Autumn, it was a tad chilly but mainly dry.

This is the river Esk, just down from the museum, very quiet and serene.

This image is called Willow and Birch and has received numerous salon acceptances.
We bimbled on to the end of the glen searching for a waterfall and a bridge, we didn’t find it but  parked the car and walked out to Loch Lee.

The two images above are what I jokingly called ‘Implied Landscapes’


 All in all a grand day out and somewhere that deserves more than one visit, there is an old tumble down church there that just cries out for a shoot however there were people there out on a ramble….some other day perhaps…after all Chrissie must visit the horses she made friends with, mostly by feeding them mints. Chrissie did very well with the cold that day, there were quite a few nudes and a few hiding behind rocks when cars came by etc etc…..a star as always, she never fails to impress at a shoot.

Bink in Fife

One day at start of October Bink and I had a shoot, the idea was to shoot around the fishing villages of Fife. However the traffic and the weather were distinctly erratic, it took us a fair bit of time to get from Burntisland to Dysart
The Harbour at Dysart

This portrait of Bink has had 2 salon acceptances so far.
Being a stormy day I thought that Lady’s Tower at Elie would a good choice, however the weather really started to close in and a nasty storm was moving our way.
You can see the storm approaching the lighthouse, which is just west of the tower. 
This B&W is called The Sentinel, another salon accepeted image.

By the time we got to doing this image in the tower the weather had gotten very wet and windy, and we had to abandon the shoot, I was planning to take Bink to Morton Lochs as a last location but the fire brigade blocked us in the carpark at Lady’s Tower for 40 mins. We had just enough time for a coffee before getting Bink on the train, however Bink was a pleasure as always.