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The Hedge Witch

The Hedge Witch has always lived…..

In the Deep Dark forest…

With Herbs and Magic ………

She visits the Sick and Needy…..

She comes to those who call for her…

No matter who….

No matter when….

She will come…..

In mortal guise….

But a price needs to be paid…..

For she cannot last forever….

She may Summon you…

And you will heed her call….

For she needs a piece of your Soul….

And you will give it Gladly….

And then she will rest….

In the Forest Deep….

Until called for again….


The Hedge Witch – Ivory Flame

Photography and Concept – John McNairn

Lulu Returns

Sadly I didn’t get to work with Lulu Lockhart last year but we did organise this shoot many months in advance. This year she was coming up to Scotland with Tim Pile to attend one of Tim’s lectures at Edinburgh PS, and whilst she was here she took the operchancity to get a few shoots at the same time. As usual I picked her up from the train station and immediately started to catch up with various things in our life. Although it was now spring it was still way too cold for location work so we invaded the studio and settled down to do some bits and bobs on the sofa.

Lulu Lockhart

Lulu Lockhart

A quick change into a Rob Roy shirt and a cuppa tea, discussions on worldly events such as Brexit and Denmark…

Lulu Lockhart

Lulu Lockhart

Then out came the red Kimono….

More materials…

A Large splash of Red!….

More tea, snacks and chattery…..then some Monochrome and a final colour to finish off the day!

Lulu Lockhart

Another delightful shoot with the lovely Lulu, hopefully it wont be so long until the next time. An all round general lovely person and class model, it’s always a fun time and highly productive too.

Highly recommended as I’ve said a few times before.


The Curse of Ophelia

Ophelia’s heart is broken and her mind doesn’t fair much better, in an act of desperation she returns to the woods and waterfall where she and her ex lover lay entwined. A blissful moment to relive, where the sound of the forest and waterfall mixed with the strong but loving caresses of her loved one.  But that past emotion is now a shattered memory, as dead as the roses she carries in her arms; the last gift from her lover. As with many young men his eyes roamed too far and found another lover, another conquest and another heart to break.

Heart brokenly she scatters the dead flowers on the forest floor where they once loved, she will no longer cherish them as the bruised memory is simply too painful.

She makes her way the top of the waterfall and pauses for a while, the cold fast flowing water swirling around her feet creates the only feeling she has sensed for a long time. The last few days have made her numb and melancholy, each passing day has seen her dip in and out of mental anguish and insanity.

She peers below now and then to contemplate the dizzy drop to the bottom of the waterfall, she feels no fear and no anticipation just a crushing ache that is unbearable  She prays to the Gods for relief and mercy but receives no answer and no sense of devotion.

There is no need for preparation there is just the act, a simple step, a small thing really, an act of no consequence.

She falls down the waterfall, striking hard the rocks below and drowns, however the Gods do not look kindly on those that take their own life, even if they are negligent to the prayers of those in desperation.

Ophelia is marked and cursed by the Gods for her own demise, they command her spirit to remain at the bottom of the waterfall, there to lure errant young men to their doom. For 500 years she is to use her feminine wiles and enchantments to trap and blind man’s senses and guide them to their death and she once died herself.

However over the years fewer men came to hear her calls and enchantments, her spirit became even more troubled and loneliness ate at her and she became even more desperate to ensnare young men even though they died in her pool.

Near the end she could barely stand to even look at the waterfall and as the years marched on and on she covered her eyes.

Eventually 500 years pass by and the Gods release her from the pool but they still do not grant her death, merely freedom from her pool.

Amber Castle

So she leaves the pool a free spirit but times have changed and the world has moved on, she  does not recognise this new world of machines and strange devices. She retreats to the forest and mountains close to her pool, and there she dwells still …. a lost disowned spirit roaming through the heather and playing with the trees, always waiting for a chance to rest the rest of death.

The Curse of Ophelia.

Played by Amber Castle

Written by John McNairn

Photography by John McNairn


Elle Beth in the Studio

Elle Beth had contacted me months and months before we actually got together for a shoot, she obviously believes in planning well ahead and it seemed ages ago that we originally set a date for our shoot. However late February soon came along and needless to say I had the Flu or some other buggy thing and I was not on my sparkliest form. I dosed myself up with lemsips and such like and picked Elle up from the station, we drove off to the studio, stopping off for snacks obviously…cuz snacks are important. In we go, kettle on, tea made, and whizz bang wollop away we went.

Simple shapes and form first….


I also found a fantastic Asian shop in Dundee that sold a huge range of high quality fabrics, so I bought some……as you do.


Elle Beth

Elle Beth

Elle Beth

After some more tea and a natter about good locations for shoots in Scotland, we changed the lights around went for some more Hollywood style dark shots.

(Have to say by this time I was struggling and feeling a bit poorly…hey ho)

It’s Sofa time!!

Elle Beth

Then another change for some Clam Shell lighting…..I just love this lighting technique for three quarter length portrait style shots, it lends itself beautifully for adding textures.

We finished in good time as Elle needed to get a specific train and I wanted to make sure we made it without any drama, which we did. Anyway I hope to work with Elle Beth again she is a lovely person and a very professional model, quiet but friendly and good at listening. Modelling wise she knows all the right poses for the right situation and takes direction well when needed, another highly recommended model to add to the growing list.

On a slightly separate note I used these images to try out a new post processing technique I kinda haphazardly stumbled upon. More practise required but its getting there.