The Charm

Piggin Hell!!…its been over about 4 months since my last blog and that was about a shoot in February with the ever wonderful Chrissie Red. Time to get my arse in gear and  describe my next shoot which was much later on in…erm, well March really. This is my second shoot with Rachelle Summers, I decided to book the Studio RoRo again as the weather was very unpredictable and a location shoot would have been a very cold if the weather was bad. I picked Rachelle up at the station and headed over, chatting about holidays and visits to Paris along the way.
The studio was nice n warm and once hair and make up ( not me) was done we got down to getting images done and trying out some of the new lights.

Now Rachelle has naturally lovely skin tones but she also suits B&W very well and in this shoot I seemed to have picked more B&W than anything just works.
This image below is called Pearls and Bows and  is a FIAP accepted image

I had some ideas for this shoot and one of them was to use some old style jewellry and an old fashioned shirt, I had the shirt which was actually my grandfathers but I paraded around the second hand store to find some unusual pieces….I originally wanted some stylish rosary beads but absolutely no-one had any, however it all came good in the end.

This next image below is called Filigree and is also a FIAP acceptance.
And once again the time went past too fast, and sooner than realised we had to leave the warmth of the studio and drop Rachelle of for her Aberdeen leg of her tour. Rachelle is one of those models that if you can’t get a good picture of her then you might as well give up photography, she is a delight to work with and super easy to get stunning images. More of Rachelle later in the year 🙂

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