Rachelle in Dark Light

It was November by the time Rachelle and I got back to shooting again and not the weather for location shooting, besides I was still in the mood for experimenting with Dark Light (stupid made up name). It was cold and dismal outside when I picked her up from Chrissie’s flat but fortunately the studio was as toasty as could be. So again with the Dark Light, and why? because practise practise practise gives solid results at the end of the day and I like it. Its good to find a working technique but it often needs honed and tweaked to get the best out of it. Therefore I make no apologises for working with this type of lighting again, its about subtle adjustments and getting to know the good and the pitfalls. With just a single light to work with it can get a little bit tricky in places. Anyways…..some images I think.


DSC_7874-Edit DSC_7881-Edit-2 DSC_7921-Edit-2 DSC_7943-Edit-2 Rachelle S


Working with the red velvet this time was very tricky, it took several attempts to find the right modifier and angle. As usual it wasn’t the model that was the problem but the lighting and colour, not enough light made the red look lifeless and brown, too much light killed the curves and shapes. Fortunately Rachelle had a lot of patience as I tried various combinations, but in the end it was worth taking the time out to get it right.


DSC_8102-Edit Velvet Grunge A Summer in Velvet The Feel of Velvet


We tried a some lingerie and kept the same lighting but a different angle, which seemed to work a treat.


DSC_8294 DSC_8297 DSC_8358-Edit-2 DSC_8363-Edit-2


But then why keep it the same all the time, change the lights and angles for a different theme.


DSC_8379-Edit-2 DSC_8388-Edit-2 DSC_8419-Edit-2 RS Table Manners


And then clam lighting just because…..practise practise practise…..


Rachelle Visage de l'été

Rachelle Summers

Rachelle Summers

A Dark Summer Allure


The clam lighting approach to portraits gives a consistent backdrop colour which makes it really easy to add textures to without all the palava of an intricate cut n paste exercise.

Its always a joy to work with Rachelle Summers and we never seem to run out of ideas in the studio, if you get a chance to work with her then I strongly suggest you do.


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