The Return of Helen

In September this year I saw a welcome return of Helen Stephens to Scotland, we had a good shoot together last time and I didn’t hesitate to book her again. So back to the studio we went with Chrissie Red to give a hand with props and…..a make up artist, not just any MUA but my friend and family Jillian Crabb. So we started of with some shots of Jillian’s amazing artistry.

DSC_7269-Edit Helen Helen S DSC_7300-Edit Allure Bronze



Then we did some moody dark nude shots…..




Then we did some experimenting with costumes and chains…..all ably assisted by Jillian and Chrissie……expert chain and staff holder uppers.

Pull my ChainThe Ragged DanceDSC_7525-Edit


After all that we headed out to lunch where we probably scared the locals with talk of nudity and inappropriate things….which was fun!

Another grand day out, nice to see Helen again….fab model and  all round lovely person. Also good to witness Jillian doing her artistry….first time for me, she did a fantastic job, loved the look she gave Helen…..and the little flower on Chrissie.

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