For some reason this shoot seems like years ago but it was only February, I had just come back from a RPS advisory day….it was advised that I shoot more, a wide variety was needed for a distinction. So of I went with a mission to hunt down and shoot as many models as I could this year, fortunately Joceline was doing a studio day at Elgin Studios. Now Elgin is a 3 hour drive for me but I did manage to wangle to do some work up there so it worked in very well with this shoot as I got the hotel and fuel paid for…always a bonus!
So I had this idea to do just a nude shoot with just a simple prop, a six foot staff made from Japanese Red Oak…called a Bo. I wanted Joceline to work with the staff , we worked together on posing and which stances and body positions would work well. Its amazing how quickly a one hour studio slot vanishes.

It’s hard to believe that the staff is 6 foot tall…Joceline is very tall.

And this portrait has had 2 FIAP acceptances so far

An hour isn’t long to get to know someone but Joceline is a lovely girl, throughly professional and worked hard to get the desired results.
On this shoot I even brought my Canon AT1 loaded with film, however I broke the horseshoe diecast on the camera and couldn’t use it with the stduio flash trigger…no biggie, its now relegated to landscapes or location shots.

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