Rachelle Summers

It’s funny but every time I work with Rachelle Summers I always end up saying ‘next time we’ll do location’ and yet here we are back in the studio, but I’m not complaining!

I brought in a bunch of props n stuff to play around with, however I was forced to drink the champagne in order to get the empty bottle ~hic~ s’life can be shoo hard shumtimes ~hic burp~ :-




Below is the image that has been stolen the most, see previous blogs.

Rachelle DSC_0990-Edit-2 DSC_1024-Edit-2


Colour nudes…flippen ‘eck!…what’s going on here?!!

Nete DSC_1185-Edit


And some rosary beads to play with…sacrilege I know!!

DSC_1188-Edit Le Rosarie

So next time we do location Rachelle….maybe 😉

Yay!! for Rachelle Summers….a first class model who always delivers quality work. Or as she says, not bad for a Geordie Bird!


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