Stephanie in the Studio and Out

September 2015 rolls up and I managed to get a studio day sorted for the Camera Club featuring Stephanie Dubois, in fact we had to make it a day and a half because there was no room for my own slot on the first day. So I booked the morning after the main day. The first shoots here were mainly test shoots for lighting but they turned out well.


DSC_5704-Edit DSC_5873-Edit-2


When it was Vron’s time to shoot she turned up, as usual, with a large pile of props and clothes, included this facinator …..

Steph in Feathers


And I have to admit I’d been wanting to take images of Vron’s car for a long time, the little figaro looks amazing, it looks like a timeless classic. So we both went out with Stephanie and got some interesting shots…sadly the figaro didn’t live much longer, it was involved in a crash and came out very badly indeed, fortunately Vron fared better albeit with aches and pains.

DSC_6007-Edit Stephanie and the Figaro On the Road RIP Figaro


The studio day was a big hit and everyone can away with some cracking shots. So the next day I had Stephanie for 4 hours, a  couple of hours in the studio and then outside…in the fresh air.

Stephanie Dubois

Stephanie Dubois

DSC_6136-Edit-2 DSC_6181-Edit


Some rope as a pulling prop….and some dark light


DSC_6204-Edit-2 DSC_6251-Edit DSC_6294-Edit DSC_6337-Edit Entangled


Then we went down to Morton Lochs for a spell, it was still nice and warm outside too.

But before we got to shooting anything this little chap appeared…A Dunnock



There’s a log across a pond, its actually very stable but looks a bit dodgy when walking across it


DSC_6421-Edit DSC_6457-Edit The Bench of Thought DSC_6549-Edit


It was a very nice day outside and Stephanie rocked it in and out of the studio. Highly recommended to any photographer, a  very versatile model with a distinctive look.

Hopefully more image to come of Stephanie later in 2016……watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Stephanie in the Studio and Out

  1. naturewalker

    that spot in morton loch looked like a peaceful place was it very secluded?
    i havent been to morton loch for while now and didnt even get a chance to fully explore it

    1. admin Post author

      No, not secluded, most of these shots were right next to the path or behind the car park. It’s very limited for model shoots but good for nature type shots.


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