The Chair

Over the last several times that I’ve used Studio RoRo I’ve asked some models to improvise using a simple chair. It’s an old style chair with nothing unusual about it but it’s become a bit of a challenge to get a model to do something different with it. Nothing outrageous, it can be simple or dynamic. Anyway here is the star of this blog…The Chair!!

The Chair plus Fly Swotter



So getting on with it here is Lulu Lockhart, doing her thing with the chair

DSC_0386-Edit-2 Backseat Driver


Next is Helen Stephens

DSC_2289-Edit-2 H Stephens DSC_2301-Edit-2


Then Roswell Ivory



Darling Modelling




Joceline Brooke Hamilton




Emma Willis

Sitting pretty



The Chair


Tansy Blue



Rachelle Summers

After the Dance


Chair and Spotlight


Amber Bliss



And so there we have it, I think I’ll include the chair more often in the studio shoots just to get something different. Sadly I have, in the past, forgotten to ask some of the models to do the chair thing but hopefully next time I’ll remember. Also I have to make clear, the models came up with these ideas, their own creativity and improvisation at work…not mine.



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