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In June 2013 I had a joint shoot with Nicola and we found that Tillie was in the area, a quick couple of emails later and Tillie was organized for a studio shoot. We decided to go for contrasty shots using a black background, we found the lighting to be quite tricky to get correct or should I say the way we wanted it. However in the end we both came out with more than a handful of fine images

The image below called ‘The Chair’ won a FIAP ribbon.

This image below called ‘The Studio Floor’ won a Salon Silver at Salon Kula

A further acceptance with ‘Pearls in Peril’

I have to say Tillie was excellent, very friendly yet professional. She knows exactly what she’s doing and takes direction easily and runs with ideas with ease. Highly recommended!
My ‘will work with again’ list grows yet again.

The Caterthun Stones

So May 2013 turned out to be a busy month indeed as this shoot with Chrissie Red was to be my fourth. It was one of those days where we had nothing planned we’d just go out in the car and see what we could find, although a backup plan was to head to GlenEsk. On the way there we saw a small sign post for historic Scotland…The Caterthun Forts…We had no idea what that was but we followed the road along small country lanes til we got to a small car park. The Caterthun Forts turned out to be two ancient hilltop forts with the road running between the two, one called the white fort and one called the brown fort. The white fort was closer but steeper so we had a wander up the hill, its a plateau ringed with boulders which at one time must have been quite substantial. It overlooked the mountains to the North and the farmlands to the South, East and West.

  This image was taken on the wall looking East.
In the middle of the fort was a large deep hole, grassy and wide. Strangely people had started to build a small cairn inside of it.
The Caterthun Stones – FIAP accepted image
On the way up to the top of the fort we past a  wooded area, now normally pine trees are planted close to together but these were spaced sparsely. Inside the wood was this fantastic glade, lush and very very green. Open to a lot of light and perhaps a lot of rain which was why it was so lush inside. It was one of those quiet serene places where you could just sit for hours.
Yes it really was that green!
A few B&W to escape from the greenness!
It’s amazing the places you can find if you just get out there and commit yourself to finding something. This location is definitely one worth going back to, so many possibilities and very very quiet.
After a while we headed back over to Brechin for something to eat and watch the auld geezers sail their boats on the pond at the Pictish Center. A good day out really!
Chrissie was amazing as ever.