Stephanie’s Studio Day

November 2017 we had a studio day with Stephanie Dubois, strangely enough it was the only studio day to have no women photographers, normally the women out number then men by a long way. Anyways, most of the guys wanted to do portraits, so I set up some simple lighting and Stephanie did the rest in her usual engaging and professional manner. She’s always a delight to work with. As normal on a studio day I took the last two slots and when everyone had been and gone (clutching their prized images in their hot little hands) I set the lights up for a different look for portraits and 3/4 length.

And with a short break for a cuppa…off we went with a Whiz Bang!



Adding a little lace…….


Then a red jacket I got from the vintage fare….


Then a raggedy sheer dress…..


Then a spot of colour….to end the portraits


After another cuppa and a break……I change the lighting and theme and we use one of Stephanie’s designer outfits made by Kathrine Davidson.



Then the same outfit but this time in white………


Another cuppa….and another light change, something more dramatic using a spotlight this time.



The last image of the day is called Prisoner of the Mind, it’s a portrait of Depression.


Then as it always does…the day vanished and it was going home time, another fab shoot with this lovely lady. Everyone was very impressed with her work and her willingness to get good results. I can’t recommend Stephanie highly enough, always professional and always lovely.




Artemis Fauna at St Cyrus

How time flies like a flying speedy thing with wings and a jet engine on boost!

Anyway August 2017 came around and I was very much looking forward to a day out with Artemis on the beach, a different beach from usual this time, St Cyrus. I was there earlier in the year with Amber and we got some special images however the weather was a bit crap and we didn’t get much of a chance to have a really good look about. This time though although the weather was warm it was a bit overcast which kinda worked in our favour as it reduced the heavy contrast for location work. St Cyrus has a cliff path and its quite a steep climb from the car park to the beach, at the bottom is a small group of buildings that Amber and I used the last time. So we headed off to the left along the beach toward some rocks and we found a cool cave, now many people obviously know about the cave but St Cyrus isn’t exactly near me so I didn’t have a clue it was there. Anyways….we made full use of it!


There were just too many good places to shoot….and right next the cave was cliff face above a pool….


Then….around the corner was a massive waterfall and a ruined building…to get there we had to negotiate through the rocks and dodge the incoming tide. Due to the tide being quite close we only had a limited time at the waterfall, plus the beach was getting busy with people. However we did get some cracking shots.


By now we were risking getting cut off by the tide so we scrambled our way back to the cave area…..just to the side of the cave was a large rock formation, seemed a shame to waste it really. The beach was getting quite busy with dog walkers and tourists, a colourful dress was in order…..Artemis wore one too! j/k


By this now it was time move away from the more popular area and across to some abandoned buildings next to where I had shot the last time but didn’t get round to. The farthest away building seemed quite interesting with a lot of debris.



It get’s even messier….


Then simpler and less busy…



By this time the day wearing on so we worked our way back to the car with a final shoot at the last building.


Then last but by now means least…..the attic…..


By then we were both well hungry and we hauled our sorry souls back up the cliff path and headed to the local cake shop for ….erm….filled baked potatoes, by the time we had that we were too stuffed for cake and headed home. It was indeed a grand adventure of a day with lots of great images and Artemis is always special company and a joy to spend time with. Her modelling speaks for itself and if you haven’t worked with Artemis then you are seriously missing out. We’ve already booked again for Aug 2018, something definitely look forward to.



The first I time met Gemma was an interesting and unusual day, I was scheduled to attend a work meeting at Hamilton so I contacted Barrie Spence at Pavilion studios to arrange a casual social drop in for a chat after my meeting. Little did I know that it would be my last day at work and that the meeting was a ‘parting of the ways’ at work, it has to be said it was an amicable parting and final arrangement, albeit unexpected. Anyways I turned up at Pavilion Studios to see Barrie and met Gemma there…working on a shoot for another photographer. So I asked Gemma to give me a shout when she was next up in Scotland, which she did in August. I managed to get a camera club studio day organised  which made her trip worthwhile.

The last photographer during the day had Gemma in lingerie so I carried on with that theme for starters…


Then a quick change of outfit…..a loose fitting black piece….



Then a little splash of red from the cloak…..



….then a complete change to some red velvet….and why not!?!



Did I mention tea and snacks?…..well we had some then moved on to different lighting for some 3/4 length shots with many changes of outfits…



Again we were against the clock and I had to make sure Gemma got the right train back at Dundee Station so she could get her connecting flight back home, however we got a lot done and were very productive…in between tea breaks. Gemma is an excellent model and highly recommended……she is also a MUA for shoots and film work.

An AV slideshow for this shoot is here



CherP in the Studio

Still Summer in 2017 when I saw a casting call in Purple Port from a local model that I hadn’t worked with before, sadly I only had 2 hours to shoot. However I got in touch with Cher and organised a studio time, as anyone who has been to the studio knows its a bit tricky to find and many folks get lost in the darkest depth of Fife…never to be seen again! It’s very much a dangerous prospect and only the adventurous sally forth in search of said studio!.

Anyway Cher got a bit lost, as many do, but we eventually got there in the end and without further ado we got down to some shooting…and tea….can’t go without a cuppa!

Then some nude work on the sofa….


Adding a little lingerie….for a splash of colour!


Still on the sofa theme…..let’s add a leather duster…



A quick cuppa then moving on…..and some lace…


…..and leather…..


And finally something a little softer…..


All this in only two hours including tea!…good result!

Anyways, Cher was excellent and highly recommended, very professional and friendly with a super look and style. If you get a chance to book her do it….cuz I most certainly will at a later date!

Heather May Corvid



Ok so despite my last blog Summer did actually happen in Scotland and it was on one hot Summers day that I booked Heather May Corvid. She and Sassy Su had hired an apartment to stay and use for shoots in the middle of the old part of Aberdeen. Now I do like the challenge of Hotel/Apartment shoots, the light is unpredictable and you have to adapt to the conditions of each scene, some rooms are dark and some are lighter etc etc. Then there’s the decor and furniture, lots to work with and lots that can be a challenge.

Anyway we started out in a dark room with a lovely window, however not much light coming through it…which softened it.


And just a little lace…..

Moving into the main sitting room with large windows and curtains, a bit more light now for this high key image…..


However there was an office block across the street that could see inside so we decided to make the room dark and moody…with some lingerie..


In the hall I spotted some low level skirting lights….could be interesting I thought….worth a bash!….. ala The Carpet Crawlers


The dark and moody was the way forward so we headed back into the main room and moved some of the furniture about to create a scene….with more lace.

Then back to a little nude work with much shifting of sofa and chairs…and keeping the moody feel…..

Finally time was running out and we finished with some portraits with the able help of Sas holding the reflector…..


What a fab afternoon!….Heather is a lovely model and expert tea maker, very friendly and chatty. She has a lovely look and an infectious cheery smile. Such a pleasure to work with.


Nicole in the Studio

So Summer in Scotland sneaked in upon us, I only really knew it was Summer because the rain was warmer and we hard to turn the heating down! It was one of those cool days in June when I picked Nicole up, Howard Kennedy was kind enough to drive her down from Aberdeen. Initially the idea was to have two hours in the studio and two hours on the beach, however everyone was wearing heavy coats and there lies a clue as to one of the reasons why we didn’t make it to the beach.

Anyway… to the studio after getting the usual snacks….snacks are important! (©HS)

So we start of with some simple nudes, well people tend to call them simple however they are often anything but simple. Often when there is little to work with a model has to be more creative and expressive in her use of poses, I think its something that’s often not known nor appreciated enough by those who  aren’t immersed in the art nude world.

Needless to say Nicole nailed it….



Next a little experimentation with a ladder……as you do!



A change of direction with lighting……….



Then…dare I say it…..some clothes, but only a little.



And some more in a portrait style….with a few even safe for work…..outrageous!!



Then a  return to nudes at floor level….



Then some gritty post processing over some lingerie shots in the spotlight.

Then before you know it time was up and we forgot all about the beach anyway.

A very productive morning all in all with a good chinwag in between scenes, and of course the usual cups of tea. It was much fun working with Nicole, a very chatty warm friendly person with a good sense of humour which always makes for a special shoot. Highly recommended.


Amber in the Attic

Amber and I got round to shooting this Spring, she had been told of a location near St Cyrus featuring abandoned houses, cliffs and a beach…what’s not to like really?! So we headed off there one very overcast day, it was about an hour away and it was also very tricky to find. Eventually we got parked and hiked down a narrow cliff path to the beach and it was past 11am when we got there and still very poor light.  We aimed for the abandoned house first, passing good potential scenes on the way. The building looked like it was some kind of drying house for fisherman to hang their catch, it had an attic that was clean and dry….and it had one skylight that shed a puddle of light onto the floor….perfect!!



The light was soft through the skylight due the overcast sky, I think if it been a normal day the scene would have been to contrasty

Down on the ground level there was a fire place and again rafters, less clean here but nice and grungy ….



Funnily by the time we had finished the shots on the stairs Amber’s posterior was black with soot which made for a good comical outtake….which is not shown in this blog (all outtakes are private).

Anyway the weather looked like it was clearing up a bit, ie the foggy overcast-ness got brighter so we go outside for a couple of exterior shots.



But seeing as this Scotland the weather changed to a soft rain, wet enough to force us back inside, which actually worked out well…Amber making full use of the bits of rope hanging from the beams in a Cabaret style



Still raining outside so we changed outfits, neither of us had much props because we planned to switch various locations along the beach…but we improvised and adapted.



By this time the weather took a break from rain so we took our chance and headed back to the car, walking up the cliff path was a gasper….then drove to Brechin for some well earned tea and cakes! It’s hard life sometimes!

Amber totally rocked the location as she usually does on any location, always open to ideas and creative madcap shenanigans.  Top stuff!


Helen Stephens Studio Day

It was still April when Helen Stephens came round for a shoot, I had managed to organise a studio day with camera club members and I had reserved the last 2 hours of the day for myself, It was a bit of a marathon for Helen but she powered through like … ah..erm…a powering thing. With lots of different looks and styles throughout the day, not to mention make up changes, a very demanding day to say the least.

Anyways, by the time I got round to doing my couple of slots I was a bit puggled myself as the studio was turning into an oven, mind you better hot than cold I reckon.


Change of clothes…or should I say…putting clothes on…




Blue Kimono style…, kinda taking clothes off again…



Then maybe my biker jacket…..just to roughen things up a bit…



So some more stuff with the clam lighting set up….a tad more colour…



Then I’m thinking…..too many clothes now…let’s get rid of them…



Ok..Ok ….just a little bit more….



Then to bring the shoot to a close we do some overhead shots……and as usual I’m up a ladder kinda hovering over Helen not being able to see what I’m taking and hoping I don’t fall on her!



Another fab day all in all and although I only had a coupe of hours to shoot I was amazed at the variations and diversity of the types of image we managed to capture, not all of them are shown here, Anyways we packed up and headed home for a well earned snooze and a hearty meal, Helen played a stormer that day, well beyond what was expected, I know the other camera club members felt the same. Helen Stephens is  highly recommended, if you haven’t booked her yet then stop pissing about and get yer act together, book a  top model and all round lovely person.


Ivory Flame at Tentsmuir

Well Spring sprang with its usual Scottish unpredictability, it was overcast with a chilly wind. I turned up with Keira Lavelle at Tentsmuir car park to meet Ivory Flame, the idea was to do an hour duo shoot and Keira would leave for another shoot with her next photographer.  This shoot with Keira would form the story of Ran, the Sea Goddess and Keira the Witch, some samples here to start with; Ivory Flame playing Ran on the beach.

An hour passes so quick and we had to say goodbye to Keira, meanwhile we pressed on through the forest looking for a specific location…..which proved to be quite elusive!

However on the way we got a few shots from another location I had in mind, using a red cape in the forest to add mystery and interest.

However the location proved to be a wind tunnel of the cold sort but Ivory Flame performed like a trooper.

On our tramp around the woods we found some gorse to shoot against…..

and a mossy floor…

Then a quick return to the cape as featured in The Hedge Witch..

Then eventually near the end of the day we found the little section of the forest I was looking for, it had a changed a little but it would do for our purposes. This next theme was inspired by some paintings…..its a common theme of a washing woman in a river, I wanted to try and replicate that style using topaz plugins to emulate a painting.

I have to say this was extremely difficult and I still haven’t got it right yet, though Ivory Flame certainly did, we did quite a lot of shots round this one and she nailed them every time. It’s the post processing that I’m still working on. I think I’ll return to this theme at a later date.

On the way home we found a favourite fallen tree that been shot a few times, in fact I think Lulu Lockhart fell off the log just a couple of months ago when working with another photographer.

By this time what warmth there was of the day had definitely gone, which means it was time for us to be gone. All in all it was a very busy but totally productive day. The Story of Ran and Keira working out beautifully and both Ivory Flame and Keira were stunningly good. The Hedge Witch story also worked out much better than I expect even though it was an extremely short story, the images speak for themselves really. This was all down to Ivory Flame who got the concept immediately and ran with it to perfection. There’s no need for me to recommend Ivory Flame as her reputation is way beyond my recommendation. Her work speaks for itself.

So back home for dinner featuring Rhubarb Crumble made from the Flame’s father’s allotment, and cooked up by Allison…yum yum!!

Keira Lavelle in Spring

April 2017….what a busy month, well at least one week was, with 3 shoots in one week it seemed like it was going to be a bit of a marathon. In the end it wasn’t, though in one Day I had two shoots with an overlap of Keira And Ivory Flame, which worked out very well.

Anyway it all starts with Keira in the studio, as usual stopping off for snacks on the way ,after picking her from the train station. Kettle on, lights sorted out, make up done…..erm Keira that is, not me ~cough~

So we started off with a newly made raggedy shift type thing that Allison had made, simple stuff to start off with.

Let’s add a chair….

Now let’s add some…erm more tea!..while I think of what to do next!

Oh I know …. a table and a cape!

Let’s use the table for unconventional purposes…..

Oh is it tea time yet?!…what a good plan….then something a bit moodier!

Oh let’s do some portrait-ish style of the half clothed sort…

Then full nude…just cuz that’s the way we roll….

Then more te… wait we need to head to the beach and meet Ivory Flame, no time for tea or snacks. Keira packed all her bags and just wore the costume for the beach and her big overcoat, and we scooted to the beach, only 10 mins away. These shots With Ivory Flame formed the story of Ran the Sea Goddess and Keira the Witch, here’s a quick sample.

Ivory Flame and Keira Lavelle

Ivory Flame and Keira Lavelle

Keira Lavelle

Then before you know it time was up and Allison had arrived to take Keira to the train station to meet her next photographer, while I continue shooting with Ivory Flame.

Ayways, it was another killer shoot with Keira…she is an absolute delight to work with, virtually unstoppable, constantly posing, she stretched and bent her way through the entire shoot producing so many amazing shapes and expressions for me to work with. Then on the beach on a cold day she simply ran into the freezing water without a moments hesitation…and I do mean ran. I can’t recommend her highly enough.