Red in the Studio

For all the time I worked with Chrissie I only really worked with her in the studio once, as I was working on a panel of studio nudes this time I couldn’t really have a panel without a Chrissie in it! At home I found some fleece like material, its used for keeping bugs off the strawberries in the summer, its very light and see thru…So I knicked it when Allison wasn’t looking!

Chrissie also brought some props, an old suitcase and a small footstool, a miniature ottoman, plenty of stuff to work with. And so we did….

DSC_4285-Edit DSC_4384-Edit Torn

Next up…Shapes!

DSC_4451-Edit-2 Shapes


I’m sure customs officers would be surprised to find the contents of this suitcase!



Improper use of a footstool….but I doubt anyone’s gonna complain.

DSC_4703-Edit DSC_4734-Edit


The fleece used as a veil across the studio….

Chrissie Unveiled


So glad I persuaded Chrissie into the studio….totally stunning and creative, a master of improvising with props…ok a mistress of improv. I’m looking forward to the next studio shoot with her, a class performer and astounding model!



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