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The Return of Keira

Keira Lavelle arrived in the Spring armed with a suitcase of outfits and a strange bag of green tea, having worked with her before I knew the score…..’put the kettle on whilst I do my make up’

I jest of course but the green tea is real and probably some kind of alien substance, however I’m always up for a cuppa to get things going. As for shootiness I had bought a couple of things from a vintage clothes fare, however we started of with some simple nude work. The previous time we had worked with a white backdrop, this time it was black as the ace of spades, or as black as burnt toast, or as bla….you get the picture (or will do).



Keira L DSC_4808-Edit-2 DSC_4832-Edit-2


Then the red kimono…..


DSC_4915-Edit DSC_4930-Edit DSC_4973-Edit


And some more ideas use the same kimono as a backdrop…….or floordrop as it were.


Keira Kimono DSC_5066-Edit DSC_5083-Edit DSC_5106-Edit


Then another piece I bought at the fare…a dark blue jacket…


DSC_5117-Edit-2 DSC_5161-Edit-2 DSC_5173-Edit-2 DSC_5233-Edit-2


Then another piece my wife bought….an Astrican coat, tricky lighting as the coat was as black as a….well I’ve been through that already…

Oh and some lingerie…..lingerie is something I lack on my port so it was good to get some class images done.

DSC_5391-Edit DSC_5437-Edit

Keira Lavelle

Keira Lavelle



Some creative lighting in software for these images….


no comp use

no comp use





no comp use

Some nudes on the couch to finish the shoot off.


DSC_5615-Edit-2 DSC_5623-Edit-2 M Levelle Sultry


This was one of those shoots where everything worked well…..and I must have to give credit where its due, mostly its down to Keira’s modelling ability and posing, it’s expressive and dramatic, sensual and raunchy without being over the top. It has an edginess that’s a great bonus in a model, she can pull it back if needed but deliver if required. Highly recommended and I hope we do a lot more shoots together, lovely person to work with and good company too. This combination makes an ideal team to produce something special, already looking forward to our next shoot.

Alice at House of Dun

After much discussion and date arranging with Alice we eventually got together to a Gothic style shoot in the ever favourite location of the House of Dun. It’s a great house with fantastic gardens as if just made for photography, plus they are happy to let you shoot there (I got permission a few years ago to confirm). Anyway, early-ish one morning we set out and arrived there to discover we were the only ones there, no other visitors  to wander into shot and get frightened by a camera…result!! And a fun day was had working with Alice again, crazy and wild with a hint of madness and a pinch of drama 🙂



First shot…..the door to the secret garden of unholy desires!



And the secluded alchove of discarded innocence and wanton abandonment ….


DSC_3565-Edit-Edit DSC_3580-Edit DSC_3589-Edit DSC_3618-Edit DSC_3685-Edit-2


To the rear entrance of the catacombs and the underground debasements…..

DSC_3692-Edit DSC_3703-Edit DSC_3722-Edit DSC_3731-Edit DSC_3739-Edit


To the grand entrance and the brazen light of enticements in the dark…..


DSC_3744-Edit DSC_3760-Edit DSC_3768-Edit-2


And the carnal hungers of the evening amid the moon cast paths and secluded recess of the night….


DSC_3856-Edit-2 DSC_3860-Edit-2 DSC_3867-Edit-2


Let the night take the damned and the living envy the desires fulfilled.

Let the Souls of the night howl for at some point they will…

….call your name….

…and you will answer that call.