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A Studio A Flame

In April this year I had the opportunity to work with Ivory Flame again and this time I chose to work in the studio, for a number of reasons, one was I needed a portrait to hang in my staircase wall, also I wanted to work on some dark moody images specifically using one light and the most important reason was that the weather was stormy and really unpredictable. The Flame arrived late at night due to a baggage mix up at the airport but we had her room made up and after a quick cuppa headed to bed. In the morning we headed off to the studio and quickly got down to business…we put the kettle on. Then we took some images…

One LightSitting prettyDSC_3289-Edit-2

We brightened things up a bit and Holly took up the chair challenge to great effect.


I have to say its getting harder to think up new and interesting poses with the chair,  we moved on to different furniture…with some colour because its always seems a shame to turn that lovely colour of hair to B&W


Oh look a dark one has slipped in…how did that happen?!


At this point the kettle seemed to go on again and snacks appeared as if by magic!  The backdrop was changed however by bloody hard work. We did some portraits and this one is now hanging at the top of our stairs.

Miss Flame

And now for even darker nudes…


And some colour…..

DSC_3457-EditFull StretchDSC_3491-EditDSC_3496-Edit

Playing about with material…

Ivory RedDSC_3568-Edit

And now for something a little different….


Ivory Flame

Ivory Flame


And finally a little Saffron to end the shoot….


By which time we were starving and we scooted off to the Tayport Harbour Cafe for lunch, then headed out again to drop Holly off and meet Jim Furness. It’s always a pleasure working with Holly, even if she did take a sneaking picture of me posing, it’s never really work and the hardest thing is to try and figure out which of the fantastic images to choose from when you get home and start editing. Fabulous model without question.

PS… I was like…’a pose similar to this would be good….’! flash!, I turn to see Holly holding my camera with a big mischievous grin on her face. 🙂