The Poppy and the Cage

So summer just begins and on a bright sunny warm day ideal for location shooting Ivory Flame and I head into the studio at Chris Scott Photography….cuz like, why be conventional?! Well it had been a while since we last had a real life shoot due to the plague years, so we had a lot of chinwagging to do in between scene changes.

Anyways, we play around with ideas and props that Chris had available in his studio.

Ivory Flame
Ivory Flame

A quick change of colour…..

Ivory Flame

Then for a complete change about we went green…..cuz like enviro friendly n such.

Then pinky peachy poppy colours….cuz it was that time of year..

Ivory Flame

Ivory Flame

Then lastly just to end the shoot…a little lingerie…

Then before you know it, it’s all over……..except afterwards we had chocolate puddings!

All hail the chocolate puddings!!..

Yet another adventure of the Flame kind, if you haven’t worked with Ivory Flame yet then you are missing out on something special…..I mean, get yer act together! and get yer own puddings!

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