Monthly Archives: April 2019

FIAP blue badge!

So an unexpected result on the first salon of the year, I won a FIAP Blue Badge for best author at Kotor. When I got the results I hadn’t actually noticed, it was only when I downloaded the catalogue in PDF form some weeks later that I spotted it. I have actually won a best author award before but not a FIAP one. Below are the images that were submitted, many thanks to the models who made it possible.

The ‘Woman’ section…

Cancer Survivor – Amber Castle
Fly with Wind – Ivory Flame
Men will be Men – Amber Castle
The Oracle – Artemis Fauna

The ‘Portrait’ Section….

Hold Against the Wind – Ivory Flame
Portrait of Talli – Talli Lindsey
Red Lips Wet Hair – Jane Bennet

The ‘Nudes’ Section…

A Flame in the Light – Ivory Flame
Attic Life – Amber Castle
The Fallen – Rachelle Summers
The Turn of the Feather – Tillie Feather

The ‘Open Colour’ Section….

Blow Away the Gray – Ivory Flame
I am the Journey – Rachelle Summers
The Lure of the Hedge Witch – Ivory Flame

The ‘Open Mono’ Section…

2000BC – Artemis Fauna
Crevice – Artemis Fauna
Prisonnier de Soi – Stephanie Debois

Anyways, off to a flying start, let’s see what the rest of the year brings!