The Return of the Diaz

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away…..

There happened upon a chance to work with Helen Diaz again and this being the end of summer it was a last gasp opportunity to work on the beach. I partnered up with Dionne again, which is always a pleasure, and we booked 2 hours in the studio and 2 hours on the beach with Helen. Dionne brought some lovely lace outfits to use and we soon got to work and bagged some lovely images from the very start.



A quick change into some ballet practise shoes and some material….

dsc_9822-edit dsc_9831-edit-2


Then something a bit more creative in terms of angles and lighting…..


dsc_9924-edit dsc_9987-edit-2


After a quick cuppa tea and light changes, we did something a little darker and moodier…

The Witch's Gaze dsc_0119-edit-3


Then before you know it…it’s time to head to the beach, but first …another cuppa tea!

I dont often shoot at the beach on a weekend because it can be quite busy, at Tentsmuir the beach seems to split at the car park. Families and such tend to go to the left and the right side is usually quiet, possibly because there is an unofficial nudist section quite far down there, so the rumours goes anyway. Needless to say we went to the right where it was a bit quieter.

We gave Helen a see thru tattered dress thing, which I really must stop using as its been used to death now.


dsc_0770-edit dsc_0891-edit

We had to wait a little while before doing any full nude shoots because there was a young family approaching along the shoreline…once they got closer I think they sussed out our intent and scuttle off in the opposite direction….I’m sure pretty sure Helen didn’t scare them off by whooping madly about the surf, well fairly sure….ok maybe a little bit.  Once the coast was clear.


Sadly time ran out and we headed back to the car and I’m sure Helen carried nearly half beach in her large socks and a handful of sea shells in her pockets…just for fun 🙂

Well another great adventure in photography, its always a madcap fun time with Helen, and with Dionne. Hopefully more beach adventures next year!


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