How to shoot Art Nude

This is a tongue in cheek AV on how to shoot an Art Nude image, featuring the ever lovely Keira Lavelle. A tutorial on how to edit this image called ‘Post Processing an Art Nude Image’ can be found in the AV section.

Model – Keira Lavelle

Music:- Madness, Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd

Photography – John McNairn

Best viewed in Full Screen (needs fast broadband)

Side note: The songs selected for each AV are chosen in relation to the model, the shoot theme or the storyline, eg.  Fire is a word play on Ivory Flame’s name, Love will tear us Apart is a favourite song of Helen Stephens, Helen Diaz loves Kate Bush, Without or Without You is chosen to match the storyline in The Change, etc etc. The songs have no bearing on me personally other than they have to be songs I actually like.