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The Princess and The Frog

As I mentioned in one on my previous blogs Tim Pile was heading up to Scotland, his plan was to work with Chrissie Red and Ivory Flame/Holly in various locations. So as it happened Holly came up first and Nicola and myself booked her for a studio session at Studio RoRo for a morning. By this time in September the weather was starting to cool and a studio session seemed like a good idea. After a quick makeup prep Holly produced this wonderful garment from her bag, it floated like smoke…so we got down to shooting it.





Then I went a little experimental….as you do!

DSC_8759-Edit-2Then I dragged out an old favourite prop of mine.




DSC_8799-EditThen back to  experimenting with materials…this time with movement.

The Dance


And then some art nude to finish of with.


Reaching for the Light



After the studio I booked some extra time on my own with Holly for some location work and we headed off to Little Ballo, this location is very changeable throughout the seasons and at this time of the year we were getting to the deer rutting period. I was hoping to show Holly some wild deer but unfortunately a family with a party of dogs got there before us and the chances of seeing wild deer after that were nil. However we came to shoot…and shoot we did.




At this time of year its the last of the green grass before it turns to its Autumn colours. And the dead trees are still mossy….and some dead trees dry up and turn a silver colour.


The Holly TreeSo obviously we made the most of the setting and got some excellent images.

Decay and Rebirth


It was a tad chilly by now as the sun had gone and the air had cooled so we had dancing and singing sessions between shots, we dubbed ourselves the Boogie Trolls.

Oh and of course The Frog!!…well I’m not going to tell you the frog story, all I can say is that there was a frog and it did seem to like Holly a lot. And I’m not surprised, Holly was outstanding as always, it was a fab day….topped off with a huge curry afterwards.






When the Dance Ends

See the picture in the hall
Framed in magic on the wall
Ain’t it funny how it glows
What’s on the inside no one knows
What makes this picture so inviting
To those who stand outside it
Maybe it’s the dancers
Or maybe it’s the dance
the dancer dances




Thousands will fill the gallery
Pay their price to see a dream
They can make believe for free
Two hours’ worth of fantasy
Maybe they pretend the picture’s them
Or maybe they just love to sit and blend
Maybe it’s the dancer
Or maybe it’s the dance
the dancer dances




Tonight the picture has no frame
Colours unleash and float away
To each and every one of you
Tonight the spirit brings the news
You become a part of it all
Thousands turn to one in the hall
You become the dancer
And we become the dance
the dancer dances


After the Dance

Uriah Heep – The Dance

Featuring Rachel Summers

Chrissie Red at Kenmore

At some point, and I can’t remember when, Tim Pile said he was coming up to Scotland and would I like to have a joint shoot. What an excellent idea, one snag….where? And so it was that Chrissie and I went out on another location hunt. Previously we had gone through Glen Quiach and passed a forest walk just above Kenmore….it said the magic word ‘Waterfall’.

So in August we decided to pay it another visit and embark on said walk and see if we could find the waterfall as a possible location for taking Tim. It was kind of a dull day but not cold, just right for a little hill climb for the asthmatic and the smoker alike. The walk actually takes you right past the waterfall, had we not heard it we would never have found it. We had walked past it and had to climb down to get back to it, following our ears to the sound of falling water. We reasoned that it wasn’t enough of a location to take Tim so we ended up taking images there instead.

At the top of the waterfall was this tree seemingly growing out of the rock, like something from a fairy tale.

DSC_8310-EditDSC_8317-EditThis image below is taken right at the top of the waterfall, at the very edge! It’s actually one of my favourite images of Chrissie.

The Waterfall's Edge


Obviously right at the very bottom….fortunately not very deep.Somewhere at the Waters Edge


DSC_8352-EditAn interesting place…and actually a great walk too, very lush and very green. Even though it was a tad steep in place and made us puff and wheeze. Chrissie did well to brave the heights of the waterfall as it was fairly treacherous….a star as always.



Artemis and Chrissie Red

It’s always a pleasure to work with Chrissie but doubly so to work with her and Artemis together, this being my third shoot of August 2013. This time I had ideas!, shock horror and scandal…..ok maybe not scandal lol. I had organized to do 2 hour in the studio with both of them then head off to the beach to meet Nicola, who booked Artemis for 2 hours. I was then to have another 2 hours with Artemis on the beach, seemed like a grand plan. Here are the studio shots.



The Goddess and The Red



The Candy Floss Girls





And so to the beach to have a picnic and meet Nicola… has to be said that at this point Chrissie and I did our shoot thing at the waters edge where I’m afraid to say my hairy legs were bared and exposed as I was forced to enter the water to get the shot. Oh wait…that was the scandal bit!.


Red and Wet Purple





As you can see it wasn’t actually a very summery day, the sea was shrouded in low cloud but at least it was warm. And so on to my other idea…yes reader..I had more than one! Whilst Nicola was shooting Artemis I was digging a whole in the sand amoungst the dunes, big enough to bury Chrissie in. Hey…it’s plan!

Heat in the Dunes

No Shelter


Born of the Sand


Then Artemis joins in and Nicola becomes the lookout.


Red and the Huntress



Then we get a bit bad and erm…..’find’ a closed logging workshop, in which Artemis gets caught nude by a passerby. Fortunately he wasn’t paying attention and I don’t think he saw her…..however evasive action was taken, I’ve never seen anyone curl up into ball as fast as that before.





Unfortunately right after this the clouds emptied and the rest of the shoot was a wash out and had to be abandoned…..however fun times were had, as well as many images. The next time I see Artemis is at Chrissies wedding….but that’s another story 🙂


Jen Somerfield

The very next morning after the studio day with Fredau I had a shoot with Jen Somerfield, I was feeling a little worse for wear…maybe the wine the night before wasn’t the best idea! I had no specific ideas to do so I fell back to my default shoot plan…2 hours studio and 2 hours on the beach. That usually works a treat and it did. The top image is my fav one of Jen.











Jen is a fantastic model and dancer, also good company when you’re feeling a bit rough..she keeps you going with chatter and outrageous stories.


Fredau H

I can’t really remember how this came about but I organized a studio day for St Andrews Photographic Society in August 2013. Myself and Nicola Sheperd had worked with Fredau before and we knew she was moving to Canada soon so I booked Fredau before it was too late. The studio day turned out to be a bit of workshop in the end as some of the members were new to shooting nudes or models even. However the 8 one hour slots were fully booked in less than 24 hours and the whole day turned out to be a success. I opted for the last slot and managed to get a few images.


Fredau and Annette







Fredau was lovely as usual and has since moved to Canada where she now models, and I’m sure, enchants the Canadians. Long may she do so 🙂


Chrissie at Amulree

Still Summer of 2013 and for our second shoot of July Chrissie and I did a little location hunting near Crieff, we had passed this place before but this time decided to park the car walk it and this what we found.



However we judged that this would look better in the winter, more stark and bitter looking, so went here instead, the road to Kenmore from Amulree. I admit to going off road and venturing on private roads…..sometimes needs must. We stopped here.





Actually the view is from an old house which is collapsing and currently being used as a cow shed…..the evidence being the amount of cow shit on the floor, it was very dark with contrasty light….didn’t smell too good either. We got good shots though.


The Casual View

Looking Out




Fab day out with glorious weather, Chrissie went a big stretch to brave the cow pooh!

I think we stopped at a chocolate shop on  the way home, funny how things work out 😉



Tansy Blue

More July shoots in 2013 this time with Tansy Blue, the main idea was to start getting to grips with more studio and lighting work…with a black background. So first we did some studio stuff and I’m sure by now you can recognise a certain chair, the chair is becoming a bit of a challenge. What can be done differently with a simple scraggy chair. More to come in later posts with the chair.



DSC_6785-Edit Ground Work



Then off to the beach for a romp around in the sand, and of course an ideal operchancity to get Tansy soaked from head to toe. After all I have an evil reputation to uphold!



A good day spent with Tansy, bags of fun and splashes of salt water, at least it was warm water….ish.