A Tiger in the Woods


Once upon a time in a land very far away (Isle of Wight) there lived a tiger, a wild tiger that liked to explore and see new places. So the tiger took a train to the wilderness of Scotland (Montrose) and why you ask…well that remains a mystery, as it was my friend Dionne Jones quite fancied some tiger shots and asked me to come along for a bit of a wheeze!

The tiger I picked up at the train station in Dundee was none other that TigerBelle, we had a couple of hours of driving as we were heading down to Dunbar area so we had a good old chinwag and chuckle on the way down, at the same time looking at the clouds wondering if the weather was going to hold out….it was a location shoot and the weather was being its usual unpredictable self. Anyway we got there and teamed up with Dionne and headed straight for the cafe!…as you do, gotta be done really!

Once we were fed and watered we headed off into the woods to find a tumble down cottage for our shooty shenanigans, sadly the house was being renovated and the owner was not too happy with us being there so we abandoned that idea and head off into the deepest darkest depths of the woods ie. 15m from the path. having a wee scout about we got down to getting some images bagged….it was a little risky so we tag teamed the shoot.


DSC_5748-Edit Wood Nymph DSC_5807-Edit



This tree stump was actually fairly high up….but no challenge  for a tiger…..



Just slightly further in we found another clearing and logs….


Wild Woods DSC_5870-Edit

with Tiger Belle

with Tiger Belle

In the distance we saw a huge log stack and in front of it, in the light, was this much smaller log stack but perfect for our needs.


DSC_5977-Edit Logged On


Dionne leads us along a path to a lovely park area and loch where there sat a stone building, I think she said it was used for storing shoes for ice curling, it was slightly riskier here as there were more people around so this first shot is behind the building…




Fabulous gritty stone work and handy windows…just made for tigers to sit in!


DSC_6100-Edit-2 DSC_6165-Edit-2 DSC_6183-Edit-2

Just round the corner from stone hut was this canal waterway that fed into a water station before joining the loch…


Sadly by this time the area was getting  a bit busy and we called time on the shoot, however it was a good laugh and much fun. Dionne is bundle of fun and makes a good tag team partner for a joint shoot, and Tiger Belle is a lovely model who works her socks off and is good company and very adventurous…..as is the nature of tigers, highly recommended to other photographers and tiger hunters…oh wait…just make that photographers… 😉



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